Policy Briefs

Is the Great Recession Really Over? PDF
Danny Yagan
September 2016


Revisiting the impact of Head Start PDF
Claire Montialoux
September 2016
Press Release


Where Did All the Migrant Farm Workers Go? PDF
Maoyong Fan and Jeffrey M. Perloff
July 2016

Publication Highlights

Featured Minimum Wage Research »
IRLE researchers have looked at how the minimum wage impacts workers and the economy including the public costs of low wage work.

Credible Research Designs for Minimum Wage Studies: A Response to Neumark, Salas and Wascher PDF
Sylvia Allegretto, Arindrajit Dube, Michael Reich, and Ben Zipperer
Working Paper No. 109-16
August 2016

The Enduring Employment Impact of Your Great Recession Location PDF
Danny Yagan
Working Paper No. 108-16
April 2016