IV. Digital Library Information and Web Links

Digital libraries bring together "metadata" such as cataloging records, "finding aids" such as search engines, and full content, such as reports, journal articles and books. User behavior is also an important area of study; for example, what makes libraries helpful in electronic media? The University Library's SunSITE server provides one useful clearinghouse for background information.

Digital Libraries Magazine is an online publication that covers digital libraries in depth, and reports on industry-wide developments. Digital Libraries is found on the home page of the Corporation for National Research Initiatives, a leading advocate of new electronic media for education.

The Library of Congress has launched a major initiative to digitize parts of its collection. Robert Wilensky, Chair of Computer Science at Berkeley, is leading a multim illion dollar project funded by the NSF to build a digital library for environmental information.

The UC System is an active leader in the develoment of digital libraries. The Librarians Association of the University of California has compiled a list of everything going on at UCOP and all campuses, for easy re ference.The University Library has formed a working group call the Digital Library Research and Development Group, which is looking for new opportunities to create digital libraries at Berke ley.

Currently, these include:

  1. The American Heritage Virtual Archive (Bancroft Library)
  2. Computer Science Technical Reports (The University Library, Computer Science)
  3. Electronic Reserves (The University Library)
  4. Papyrus Collections (Bancroft Library)
  5. Web-based Support for Courses (The Teaching Library)

New Projects are evaluated by the following criteria:

  • What is the problem that will be solved?
  • Who are the strategic partners?
  • Does it support innovative or new ideas?
  • Who designs the standards and tools?
  • How will people have access? E.g., infrastructure and interface between various campus standards (such as IS&T networking)

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