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Proposal for Information Services
Executive Summary

We propose a two-pronged approach to handling information resources management (IRM) for COHRE. The first, "Scholarly Dissemination", makes information available at no charge, in the spirit of the academic community. The prinicipal avenue for dissemination will be the World Wide Web and digital library collections. The second, "Fee Based Services", offers a rationale for providing information in support of COHRE's working relationships with corporate and community partners. Fee-based services must be carefully constructed to meet University guidelines and to avoid campus overhead requirements for sponsored research (which can be as high as 49 percent).

IRM at COHRE should fulfill a unique service: high quality research, analysis and consultation (with member faculty and others); and efficient delivery of information in support of these activities. IRM at COHRE should not duplicate or re-create services that are already available in the marketplace at highly competitive rates.

This poses a program question for COHRE leadership. Information research services and consultations by PhD level consultants are available at rates of $100 per hour (see CHR, Inc, below). We suggest therefore that COHRE's most important asset is Berkeley's reputation.

Policy considerations

Development of scholarly dissemination should conform to UC-wide initiatives for digital media, and probably should involve campus partnerships. Fee-based services must be coordinated by IIR's MSO to reduce campus overhead charges. A breakdown of fee structures is located under III, Policy Considerations and Budgetary Needs.

Itemized Estimate of New Costs

Programmer/Analyst I (student hire):  $15.19 per hour, 20 hrs week
Text Processing Staff (student hire):  $9.50 per hour, 20 hrs week (above current Library student hours)
Digital storage and processor time:  -0-
Library Collections, Digital and Print:  $5,000 per year (possibly derived from income-producing activity at COHRE)
Equipment:  $2,000 - 5,000 per year (computer equipment and furniture, possibly one-time costs)

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