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Proposal for Information Services
I.  Scholarly Dissemination.

COHRE will contribute substantially to business literature through its publications. Academic (and practitioner) publications should be made available in electronic format (via the World Wide Web and/or a digital library server such as the University Library's SunSITE), and should draw attention to the unique services COHRE will offer.

The University is studying digital technologies and their impact on teaching, research and library collections, at the system-wide and campus level. COHRE should structure its scholarly dissemination program to take maximum advantage of the University's plans. Toward that end, we propose the following projects.

1)  Create a series hypertextbooks of best practices that are freely available via the Internet. (See prototype, Reinventing the Workplace, by David Levine.)

RATIONALE: "Content-rich" offerings such as this can yield immediate credibility and attention, and may enable COHRE to attract substantial extramural funding. For example, the Mellon Foundation has funded digital library proposals, and the David & Lucille Packard Foundation has funded a multi-million dollar digital library initiative at the Library of Congress.

2)  Create a electronic, refereed journal that is freely available on via the Internet.
Example: The Corporate for National Research Initiatives publishes Digital Libraries Magazine soley on the World Wide Web. It is a high quality, refereed journal devoted to dissemination technologies.
3)  Create an electronic clearinghouse of information, including:
  • *Links to useful sites
  • *listservs for members and interested persons
  • *Connect people for direct problem solving (could be limited to members)
4)  Create ongoing electronic research and discovery program to help COHRE leadership use electronic resources to maximize flexible, timely planning.

5)  Create opportunities for COHRE faculty to use information gathered through COHRE's work for their publishing and research activities. Create digital libraries available to select groups for this purpose. (NOTE: restricted access libraries could not be mounted on the University Library's SunSITE).

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