New Deal or No Deal Conference



Dean Baker, Center for Economic Policy Research, W.D.C.
Fred Block, Sociology, UC Davis
Gray Brechin, Geography, UC Berkeley
Brad DeLong, Economics, UC Berkeley
Kirstin Downey, biographer of Frances Perkins
Barry Eichengreen, Economics, UC Berkeley
Barbara Epstein, History of Consciousness, UC Santa Cruz
Neil Fligstein, Sociology, UC Berkeley
Doug Henwood, Left Business Observer, New York
Rob Johnson, Senior Fellow and Director of the Global Finance project,  Roosevelt Institute
John Quigley, Economics & Public Policy, UC Berkeley
Michael Reich, Economics, UC Berkeley
Robert Reich, Public Policy, UC Berkeley
Jesse Rothstein, Public Policy, UC Berkeley
Jason Scott Smith, History, University of New Mexico
Kim Voss, Sociology, UC Berkeley
Richard Walker, Geography, UC Berkeley
Margaret Weir, Sociology, UC Berkeley