New Deal or No Deal Conference



[Each session = 4 panelists @ 15 minutes each + 1 hour discussion]

9:00-9:30Coffee & Welcome

9:30-11:30Morning SessionThe Present Crisis   Listen to this session Audio
[Chair: Michael Reich, Berkeley]
Financial Bloat — Neil Fligstein, Sociology, UC Berkeley
Housing Bubble & Bust — John Quigley, Economics & Public Policy, Berkeley
The Woeful Economy — Doug Henwood, Left Business Observer, New York
Financialization & Reform — Rob Johnson, Senior Fellow and Director of the Global Finance project, Roosevelt Institute

11:30-1Lunch [Buffet @ IRLE]

1-3:00Afternoon SessionLearning from the New Deal
[Chair: Dick Walker, Berkeley]
Putting a Nation Back to Work — Kirstin Downey, biographer of Frances Perkins
Rebuilding a Nation — Gray Brechin, Geography, UC Berkeley
The Payoff of Public Works — Jason Scott Smith, History, University of New Mexico
Transformation of American Federalism — Margaret Weir, Sociology, Berkeley

3:30-5:30Late Afternoon SessionStimulus & Response   Listen to this session Audio
[Chair: Neil Fligstein, UCB]
Bailouts & Financial Reform — Dean Baker, Center for Economic Policy Research, W.D.C.
Is a New Financial Order Possible? — Barry Eichengreen, Economics, UC Berkeley
Battered but Not Beaten — Brad DeLong, Economics, Berkeley
>Job Creation & Destruction — Jesse Rothstein, Public Policy, UC Berkeley

6-7Dinner [Buffet @ IRLE]

7-9:00Evening SessionHope in the Dark?
[Chair: Kim Voss, Sociology, UCB]
What is to Be Done? — Robert Reich, Public Policy, UC Berkeley
Which Way Out? — Fred Block, Sociology, UC Davis
Where's the Social Movement? — Barbara Epstein, History of Consciousness, UC Santa Cruz
Is California Salvageable? — Richard Walker, Geography, UC Berkeley