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The Miguel Contreras Labor Program (MCLP) is a multi-campus program that carries out, through its affiliated components, research and education on issues of labor and employment. Its affiliated components are the Institutes for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLEs, formerly the Institutes of Industrial Relations) at UCLA and UC Berkeley, the Centers for Labor Research and Education (CLREs) at UCLA and UC Berkeley, and the Labor and Employment Research Fund (LERF) at the UC Office of the President.

Consistent with the legislative directive, 40% of the $6 million appropriated in FY 06-07 ($2.4 million) is allocated to the CLREs at UCLA and UC Berkeley for education and community outreach. 60% of the $6 million appropriated in FY 06-07 is allocated to research and other faculty activities through the IRLEs at UCLA and UC Berkeley ($2.4 million) and the LERF ($1.2 million).

The Executive Board of the MCLP is composed of the two directors of the IRLEs, who will also serve as co-chairs, the two CLRE directors, the chair of the LERF, two faculty members from campuses other than UCLA or UC Berkeley, and two representatives of the labor community.

Miguel Contreras

Miguel Contreras

The naming of this UC labor program is in recognition of Miguel Contreras, the late head of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor     More ...

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