Our Priorities

  • Access to Education

    To encourage continuous growth and learning among the early care and education workforce, we recommend revamping the content of higher-education programs, expanding services and supports for success in higher education and increasing support for on-going learning on the job.

  • Rewarding Environments

    To attract and retain competent and able employees, we need a national commitment to increase compensation, improve adult work environments, and support on-going learning for our early care and education workforce.

  • Workforce Information

    We support a strong investment in the development and expansion of reliable data on the early care and education workforce to help identify challenges, track progress and guide sound policies and investments that lead to a skilled and stable workforce.

  • Leadership Development

    Leaders can empower others to make early education more accessible, equitable and effective for children. Federal resources and policies are critical to developing and supporting diverse leaders who work within and beyond the classroom to transform and improve early learning environments.