Beyond Homes and Centers

Our most recent research and policy work broadens the focus of the early learning workforce beyond those who work directly with children in centers and homes. This project concentrates on those who work on behalf of the early childhood system, filling such roles as teacher trainer or educator, referral counselor for families, program developer, and advocate and policy analyst.

Increasingly, states are developing professional development policies and investments targeted toward these professionals who work in organizations that constitute the early care and education infrastructure and are frequently in the forefront of efforts to improve the quality of early childhood services.

The first study conducted for this project was supported through funding from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.

Our reports related to the Beyond Homes and Centers project:

Beyond Homes and Centers: The Workforce in Three California Early Childhood Infrastructure Organizations.
by Marcy Whitebook, Laura Sakai, and Fran Kipnis (2010)

» Executive Summary (pdf)
» Full report (pdf)

In this study we examined the career backgrounds and professional development needs of those working in child care resource and referral programs and local First 5 commissions and as child care coordinators across the state.

We worked closely with the following organizations to conduct this study: