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No Single Ingredient for Quality Improvement

In March, 2013, CSCCE Director, Dr. Marcy Whitebook, delivered two presentations at the National Center for Research on Early Child Education’s Quality Improvement Meeting.

In both Taking Stock: The Early Childhood Higher Education Inventory and Supportive Environmental Quality Underlying Adult Learning in Early Childhood Settings Marcy discusses the complex interaction among early childhood teacher preparation programs, early care and education workplace environments, and assistance for ongoing teacher learning. She presented new tools developed by the CSCCE to inform policy development and quality improvement planning: the Early Childhood Higher Education Inventory, a tool to better understand the early childhood higher education landscape; and SEQUAL, a tool to assess teacher’s work environments.

Posted August 2013.

Supporting Teachers as Learners: A Guide for Mentors and Coaches in Early Care and Education

by Marcy Whitebook and Den Bellm, with Diana Schaack (2013)

This book describes the ways in which the mentoring terrain in early care and education has changed over the last two decades, and the multiple contexts in which mentoring now occurs. It offers mentors, coaches, and/or technical assistance providers an effective, activity-based way to reflect on, practice, and sharpen skills for working with early childhood practitioners, and it can be adapted to a wide variety of early care and education settings.

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Posted August 2013.

No Single Ingredient: 2020 Vision for the Early Learning Workforce

Read Marcy Whitebook’s speech at the U.S. Departments of Education and Health and Human Services Early Learning Tour, Denver, CO April 20, 2010. The speech identifies how accessible and relevant preparation, support for going learning, and reward are all  essential ingredients for  good teaching and proposes necessary federal actions to ensure better policies.

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