We collaborate with many organizations, associations, and government entities as we work to identify how we can promote the development of culturally and linguistically diverse early childhood leaders.

Preschool Teaching at a Crossroads

In this article, published in the July 2013 issue of the Upjohn Institute’s Employment Research newsletter, Dr. Whitebook discussed the policy struggles of seeking better pay and status for the early childhood workforce, and the continued consequences for maintaining the status quo.

Posted September 2013.

Rights, Raises, and Respect for Early Childhood Teachers: A Four-Decade Perspective

In this article, which appeared in the July/August 2013 edition of Exchange Magazine, Marcy Whitebook and co-author Rory Darrah, both of whom began their careers as teachers, reflect on the work of achieving rights, raises, and respect for early educators, which has been the organizing principle of their work lives for more than 40 years.

Rights, Raises, and Respect for Early Childhood Teachers: A Four-Decade Perspective

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Posted September 2013.

Supporting Teachers as Learners: A Guide for Mentors and Coaches in Early Care and Education

by Marcy Whitebook and Den Bellm, with Diana Schaack (2013)

This book describes the ways in which the mentoring terrain in early care and education has changed over the last two decades, and the multiple contexts in which mentoring now occurs. It offers mentors, coaches, and/or technical assistance providers an effective, activity-based way to reflect on, practice, and sharpen skills for working with early childhood practitioners, and it can be adapted to a wide variety of early care and education settings.

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Posted August 2013.

Lost & Found

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
– George Santayana

History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.
– Maya Angelou

Envisioning how to transform the ECE system requires considering the ways in which the field’s history has shaped how the current system is organized.

The Center for the Study of Child Care Employment has acquired a vast collection of historical early care and education documents spanning the 20th century. Over the next year, we will be culling our archives and converting a range of records into online resources to share the field’s rich history with readers. It is our hope that sharing these records, along with our ECE Policy Quiz, will stimulate your desire to engage in more intentional learning about the ECE system and the advocacy and organizing efforts over the last century.

If you have records that have been converted to an electronic format and would like them to be considered for our site, contact us at cscceinfo@berkeley.edu.

Check back periodically for new additions to this page.

Who Cares for the Children?

A slide show produced in 1980 by Parents and Workers United for Child Care, a group comprised of local child care teachers and parents in the San Francisco Bay Area advocating for more services to meet the unmet demand for child care among working parents and better wages for child care teachers. It provides a brief history of the struggle for adequate child care services in the United States beginning in the early 20th century. Many of the problems identified in 1980 remain unaddressed today, underscoring the ongoing need for change agents willing to challenge the status quo and transform the current system to one that better meets the needs of all children, families and practitioners. Explore how practitioners and parents were discussing these issues with the community.

Posted March 2012.

How did the early childhood system of today come to be?

What was the first early childhood program sponsored by the federal government?  Why does the federal government invest in early care and education? To learn the answers to these questions, check out our interactive ECE Policy Quiz. Click here to take the quiz and see what else you can learn about the events and decisions in the 20th century that have influenced and shaped the early care and education system of today.

Posted January 2012.

Professional Development Needs of Directors Leading in a Mixed Service Delivery Preschool System

by Sharon Ryan, Marcy Whitebook, Fran Kipnis, & Laura Sakai

This article, published in the Spring 2011 volume of Early Childhood Research & Practice reports on an interview study with directors of Head Start and child care programs who are collaborating with local education authorities to provide publicly funded preschool.


Posted June 2011.

Leading for Change: Anyone, Anytime

Read the transcript of the Inaugural Karen Kaye Memorial Lecture, given by Marcy Whitebook, the Director of CSCCE. May 15, 2010.

Posted July 2010. Tagged as , , .

Leadership Development in Early Care and Education: A View of the Current Landscape

By Stacie Goffin and Kim Means (2009)

This study identifies 87 early care and education leadership development programs across the country.

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