In all fields, a rewarding and supportive work environment is critical to attracting and retaining competent and dedicated employees. The early care and education profession is no different.

Yet many early care and education teachers work in environments that compensate them poorly, and offer little encouragement and support for continuing to build their professional skills. The result: children are shortchanged whenever skilled and dedicated educators change workplaces, or leave teaching altogether, in search of more supportive or higher-paying employment.

Better compensation, and more supportive and rewarding work environments, are essential for reducing turnover, improving and sustaining program quality, and attracting and retaining skilled and educated teachers to work with young children.

Teacher well-being leads to child well-being

To ensure effective teaching, CSCCE recommends the following state and federal actions:

  • Identify and test strategies to increase the compensation of professionals working with children from birth to age five.
  • Promote better work environments as a critical ingredient for providing high-quality early care and education services.
  • Launch a national campaign to communicate the value and skill of the early care and education profession, and to recruit the next generation of early learning practitioners.

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