Arindrajit Dube

Lucas Ronconi

Postdoctoral Reseacher
(510) 642-1583


Lucas holds a postdoctoral appointment at the Labor Center. He received a B.A. in Economics from Universidad de San Andrés in Argentina, and a Ph.D. in Public Policy from UC Berkeley in 2007.

His current work includes: health policy and immigration in the U.S., and compliance with labor regulations in less developed countries.

His past work includes: evaluation of employment programs in Argentina, teachers’ unions and social movements in Latin America.

Working Papers

“Enforcement and Compliance with Labor Regulations” PDF
“Reconciling National and Regional Estimates of the Effects of Immigration on U.S. Labor Markets: The Confounding Effects of Native Male Incarceration Trends,” PDF with Steven Raphael, Under Review

“The Effects of Labor Market Competition with Immigrants on the Wages and Employment of Natives: What Does Existing Research Tell Us?” PDF with Steven Raphael

“Alternative Estimates of the Benefit Incidence of Workfare,” Revise and Resubmit

“The Effect of Workfare Policy on Social Movement Mobilizations,” with Ignacio Franceschelli, Revise and Resubmit

“Discrimination and Social Networks: Popularity among High School Students in Argentina,” with V. and J. Elias, Research Network Working Paper 539, Inter-American Development Bank


“Teachers’ Strikes in Argentina: Partisan Alignment and Public Sector Labor Relations,” PDF with V. Murillo, Studies in Comparative International Development, vol. 39 (1), 2004

“Clientelism, Public Workfare and the Emergence of the Piqueteros,”with I. Franceschelli, in N. Dinello and V. Popov (eds.) Political Institutions and Development: Failed Expectations and Renewed Hopes GDN Series, Edward Elgar: Cheltenham, UK, 2007

“Teachers’ Unions and Education in Argentina,” with V. Murillo, J. Sanguinetti, and M. Tommasi, in P. Kuhn and G. Márquez (eds.) What Difference Do Unions Make? Washington DC: Inter-American Development Bank, 2005

Policy Analyses

“Health Coverage Proposals in California: Impact on Businesses”, with Ken Jacobs and Dave Graham-Squire