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IRLE Colloquium Series, November and December Presentations by Irene Bloemraad and Heather Haveman

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Recent IRLE Working Papers by S. Allegretto, C. Brown, A. Dube, N. Fligstein, E. Kaplan, D. Levine, C. Nemeth, M. Reich, S. S. Smith, G. Strauss, N. Ziegler

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Especially Recommended:

IRLE Colloquium Series, November and December Presentations

All events are held at noon in the IRLE Large Conference Room,
2521 Channing Way
Light refreshments served.
RSVP to: Myra Armstrong,

Two of IRLE's distinguished affiliated faculty finish off the fall series on November 17 December 8. Details follow below. Check for further information.

Monday, November 17, 2008 - 12pm

Do Immigrants Hurt Civic and Political Engagement? The Conditional Effects of Immigrant Diversity on Trust, Membership and Participation across 19 Countries, 1981 - 2000

Irene Bloemraad, Professor of Sociology, UC Berkeley

Irene Bloemraad’s recent research (with Christel Kesler, University of Oxford) is an attempt to qualify recent assertions that increasing diversity is detrimental to a vibrant civil society. Based on their analyses of a cross-national, cross-sectional time-series dataset that brings together individual-level World Values Survey data with country-level variables, they show that immigration-generated diversity can have a negative effect on trust, organizational membership and political engagement across advanced democracies, but that institutional arrangements –related to economic systems, corporatist state/society relations and policies for multiculturalism - shape this relationship in systematic ways and, in some cases, can reverse it entirely. They conclude that there is no "general" link between diversity and social capital. Rather, the direction and strength of the relationship depends entirely on how institutions and policies shape the context for trust and engagement.

Monday, December 8, 2008 - 12pm

Structure at Work: Organizational Identities and the Division of Labor in U.S. Wineries Heather Haveman, Professor of Sociology & Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley


Recent IRLE Working Papers

The following working papers have been published in 2008. Some papers are newly added, although their final version date may fall earlier in the calendar year (e.g., Nick Zielger's paper German social policy and captial markets, no 174-08).

The full text with abstracts of these papers may be found at:

Comparative Corporate Governance: Findings from a Workshop, March 14-15, 2008
Working Paper No. 173-08
October 8, 2008
Mark Huberty, Akasemi Newsome, Alex Street, and J. Nicholas Ziegler

Does Outsourcing Reduce Wages in the Low Wage Service Occupations? Evidence from Janitors and Guards
Working Paper No. 171-08
August 21, 2008
Arindrajit Dube, Ethan Kaplan

Quality Management and Job Quality: How the ISO 9001 Standard for Quality Management Systems Affects Employees and Employers
Working Paper No. 172-08
August 18, 2008
David I. Levine, Michael W. Toffel

Should Australia Copy U.S. Employee Relations Practices?
Working Paper No. 170-08
July 7, 2008
George Strauss

The "Rules" of Brainstorming: An Impediment to Creativity?
Working Paper No. 167-08
July 7, 2008
Matthew Feinberg, Charlan Nemeth

Changing Traditions in Industrial Relations Research
Working Paper No. 160-08
July 7, 2008
Keith Whitfield, George Strauss

Do Minimum Wages Really Reduce Teen Employment? Accounting for Heterogeneity and Selectivity in State Panel Data
Working Paper No. 166-08
June 28, 2008
Sylvia Allegretto, Arindrajit Dube, and Michael Reich

Semiconductor Capabilities in the U.S. and Industrializing Asia
Working Paper No. 165-08
March 5, 2008
Clair Brown and Greg Linden

At the Nexus of Social Policy and Capital Markets: Pension Reform and Enterprise Governance in Germany
Working Paper No. 174-08
March 1, 2008
J. Nicholas Ziegler

Reputation, Risk, and Race: Exploring Racial and Ethnic Difference in Personal Contact Use and Receipt of Proactive Assistance
Working Paper No. 164-08
February 25, 2008
Sandra Susan Smith

Alfred Chandler and the Sociology of Organizations
Working Paper No. 161-08
February 25, 2008
Neil Fligstein


The Labor Center

Financial Skills Workshop
Thursday and Friday, December 4-5, 2008
Time: 9:00-4:00pm
Location: 2521 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA 94720

Two-day workshop for union leaders with responsibility for managing union funds. It is also suitable for department directors who have responsibility for large budgets. We encourage decision-makers to attend with staff who are responsible for financial duties.

For more information contact:


The aim of the school is to develop the leadership skills of Bay Area trade unionists –both elected union officers and local member leaders –who are deeply committed to strengthening the relationship between the labor movement and the Black community.

February 7-May 16, 2009 (8 bi-weekly Saturday sessions)
Deadline for applying: January 19, 2009
tuition: $925 per participant
location: UC Berkeley Labor Center, 2521 Channing Way
for more information:
Steven Pitts

New Grants

Program on Black Workers and Job Quality
Funded by Akonadi Foundation
To deepen understanding of the two-dimensional jobs crisis in the African-American community that includes both unemployment and poor job quality.

Reducing Tensions Concerning Immigration and Employment
Two-year funding from Ford Foundation
To address tensions between the Black and Latino communities on immigration and employment through research, curriculum development, and capacity-building work with key stakeholder groups across the nation.

Central and East Contra Costa County Labor-Community Green Jobs Project
Funded by Mitchell Kapor Foundation
The Labor Center will partner with Contra Costa [CA] Interfaith Supporting Community Organization to bring together labor unions, CBOs, workforce development professionals, and elected officials to address workforce development gaps in the emerging green jobs market.

Ken Jacobs had an op-ed in the Sacramento Bee on October 25, 2008.
You can read "My View: Health care crisis makes our economic illness worse" at:


California Public Employee Relations

CPER is working on issue 193 (December 2008). We’re getting close to celebrating our 200th issue, which will be published after over 40 years at the Institute.

In this next issue, San Diego Deputy City Attorney Alan Hersh will describe the interplay between city charters and collecting bargaining statutes. And, former Chief Counsel for the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement Miles Locker will explain the complex and often confusing body of wage and hour laws enforced by the Department of Industrial Relations as it applies to the public sector.

CPER has also just published the much-anticipated Pocket Guide to Firefighters Procedural Bill of Rights Act, by J. Scott Tiedemann (Liebert Cassidy Whitmore). The law, which became effective January 1 of this year, was modeled in large part on the Public Safety Officers Procedural Bill of Rights Act. Case law interpreting the PSOPBRA is sure to be applied in interpreting the new legislation, but there are both subtle and not so subtle differences that will require the courts to address issues of first impression.

Upcoming winter and spring titles will include updates of Pocket Guide to the Family and Medical Leave Acts, by attorney Peter Brown (Miller Brown & Dannis) and Pocket Guide to the Fair Labor Standards Act, by attorney Brian Walter (Liebert Cassidy Whitmore). We anticipate another new title, the 16th in the series, Pocket Guide to Just Cause, by arbitrator and former CPER director Bonnie Bogue along with CPER associate editor Katherine Thomson.

CPER will continue to have a presence at major public sector conferences around the state. In November, we’ll be represented at the annual CALPELRA (California Public Employers Labor Relations Association) conference in Monterey.

In the months ahead, CPER looks forward to tracking a broad range of developments in the public sector, and to keeping labor relations practitioners abreast of developments in Sacramento, California, and Washington, D.C.


Center for the Study of Child Care Employment

For a full listing of CSCCE activites, publications and events, see their Web site at:


California Studies Center & IRLE Library

California’s Living New Deal Project Partnership Workshop
Monday, November 11, 2008
10:00 am –4:00 pm

IRLE Library Commons
Institute for Research on Labor and Employment
University of California, Berkeley
2521 Channing Way
Berkeley, CA 94720-5555

Organizational Partners:

California Historical Society
678 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
415.357.1848 x 214

California Studies Center and the Institute Library
Institute for Research on Labor and Employment
University of California, Berkeley


Institute for Research on Labor and Employment Library

In addition to the Library’s joint program with the California Studies Center, we have also good news to report on the digital front, and updates on the ILRE Intranet and the Library Commons.

UC –LERF Project Update: IRLE’s Own Publications

The Library has completed the second of three Web resources, a repository of IRLE-Berkeley and IRLE-LA’s own publications. The repository is by no means complete, but it does comprise an extensive collection of the industrial relations scholarship since the two institutes were founded in 1945. URL:

Coming Soon: A New ILRE Intranet

Many IRLE community members have commented on various features of the current Intranet that could use some revision and improvement. In the coming weeks, we will roll out a new solution, based on the campus staff portal, B-Space. B-Space will enable all IRLE community members to log on with their CalNet ID, and it will offer all of the current features of the Intranet including Facebook and downloads. As we transition to the new Intranet, we will keep the IRLE community apprised of developments. Hats off to Heather for identifying an Intranet solution that will greatly simplify user experience.

Library Commons Traffic is Booming

During fall 2008, a small host of visiting scholars-in-residence, IRLE community members, and the public have not only discovered the Library Commons, but have encamped themselves. "We have a wonderful dilemma on our hands," Library Operations Manager Janice Kimball said. "The space is so popular with the scholars that it can be hard to close the door at 5:00." The Library is very pleased to welcome all, and our increased traffic speaks to IRLE’s overall academic success in recent years.

Labor Project for Working Families

The Labor Project for Working Families continues to educate union members and staff about the California Paid Family Leave law and how it interacts with other federal and state laws. In 2008, we have offered PFL trainings to about 250 union members and staff from 6 different unions in California.

We are leading the efforts of the California Work and Family Coalition to push for paid sick days for all California workers. In 2009, the Coalition will reintroduce legislation that will enable California workers to earn a minimum number of paid sick days to care for themselves or a sick family member.

The Labor Project is also developing a unique online education and resource network for labor unions –LEARN WorkFamily –on organizing and bargaining for work family issues. The online network will include a password-protected online database of contract language on work and family issues such as family leave, child care, elder care, flexible work options, etc.

Donald Vial Center on Employment in the Green Economy

As the Vial Center begins to formulate its programs, its Web site will track developments. The URL is


Economics Department

The Economics Departments sponsors a long list of seminars, many of which would be of interest to the IRLE community. The following URL provides more information:

Demography Department

Wednesday Brown Bag Seminar
2232 Piedmont Ave
December 3, 2008
Income and Subjective Health 1972-2006.
Mike Hout, Department of Sociology, Department of Demography, UCB, Co-author Scott Lynch

Institute for the Study of Social Change
ISSC Conference Room, 2420 Bowditch Street (at Haste)

November 12, 2008
12pm to 1:30pm
Immigrant Collective Action in Gateways and Non-traditional Destinations
Dina Okamoto, Assistant Professor, Sociology, UC Davis with Irene Bloemraad, Assistant Professor, Sociology, UC Berkeley, as respondent.

Berkeley Energy and Resources Collaborative: 2nd Annual Lecture

Van Jones
The Green Collar Economy
Founding President of Green For All, Senior Fellow with the Center for American Progress, and Founder of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

International House at UC Berkeley
Tuesday, December 2nd

6:00 Doors open & book sales
6:15 Lecture & discussion
Book signing to follow

As climate chaos and soaring fuel costs batter the U.S. economy, Van Jones brings a unique perspective to the color green. As an African-American father and a Yale-educated attorney, he has spent his adult life fighting for the disadvantaged. So when he imagines an Earth-friendly economy, he dreams of a society that has no throw-away species or resources - and no throw-away kids or neighborhoods, either.

He argues that a green economy that rescues the polar bears can also rescue the U.S. economy - putting America back to work; driving down energy and food prices; giving green-collar jobs and a second chance to wayward youth; and ending forever the need for oil wars and resource wars. In his vision, the green economy can be much more than a place for affluent people to spend money. It also can be a place for more ordinary people to earn money - and for poor people to save money.

Shifting the new environmental discussion from green consumers to green workers, Van shows how the shift from an oil-dependent, pollution-based economy can create a powerful engine for economic renewal - creating jobs for millions. Warning against the dangers of "eco-elitism" and "eco-apartheid," Van calls for a "Green New Deal" to help all classes and colors enjoy the work, wealth and health benefits of the green economy.

Van is the author of the hopeful, personal and provocative book, The Green Collar Economy, available for sale at the event. The book makes a compelling case for a new kind of ecology: call it "social uplift environmentalism." With a foreword by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., this book has the potential to permanently change the environmental movement - and to transform American politics.

More info

Map for International House