September 2007 (21)

Editor: Terence K. Huwe
Contributors: Dan Bellm, Elizabeth del Rocio Camacho, Stefanie Kalmin, Janice Kimball, Jenifer MacGillvary, Vibhuti Mehra, Dick Walker

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Hold the Date: IRLE Fall Reception, Wednesday, September 26
Funding for IRLE and its Research Partners
IRLE Fall Colloquium Series
Hilary Anger Elfenbein and Sandra S. Smith Receive Hellman Awards
IRLE launches the Center for Work and Employment Dynamics (CWED)
Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society: Vol. 46, No 3 (July 2007)
Recent Sponsored Research
Recent Faculty Working Papers

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Hold the Date: IRLE Fall Reception, Wednesday, September 26

IRLEs fall reception will be held on Wednesday, September 26, from 4:00 pm 6:00 pm. Welcome back old friends and meet new visitors and new staff!

Location: IRLE Large Conference Room, 2521 Channing Way

RSVP: Myra Armstrong,

Funding for IRLE and its Research Partners

The new state budget includes full funding for the UC-wide Manuel Contreras Labor Program, which include the Institutes for Research on Labor and Employment at UC Berkeley and UCLA, and the UC Labor and Employment Research Fund.

IRLE Fall Colloquium Series

[Editor's Note: The full series will be announced in the coming weeks.]

Monday, September 17, 2007, Noon, IRLE Large Conference Room, 2521 Channing Way
A light lunch will be served.
RSVP: Myra Armstrong,, 510-643-3012

Lincoln Cushing, American Labor Graphics - a progress report on Art/Works

Art/Works is the first book to focus on the role of poster art in the building of the American labor movement. Culled from repositories from all over the U.S., this Cornell University Press book, which is co-authored by Tim Drescher, brings together a wide range of subjects and images that deepen our understanding of the relationship between art, labor, and organizing.

Lincoln Cushing is the author of several books on late 20th-century political posters. He formerly worked as archivist and librarian for the IIR and the Bancroft Library.

Hilary Anger Elfenbein and Sandra S. Smith Receive Hellman Awards

IRLE faculty affiliates Hilary Anger Elfenbein (Business Administration) and Sandra S. Smith (Sociology) are recipients of The Hellman Family Faculty Fund. Elfenbein's project is titled On the Intuition That Some Negotiators Are Better Than Others, and Smiths work is titled Exploring Racial and Ethnic Differences in the Mobilization of Social Resources for Job-Finding.

New IRLE Program: the Center for Work and Employment Dynamics (CWED)

The CWED was established in June 2007 to provide a focus for projects on wage and employment dynamics in contemporary labor markets. The Center's chair is IRLE Director Michael Reich, and its Deputy Chairs are Sylvia Allegretto and Arindrajit Dube. CWED's Web site may be found at

Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society: New Issue

Volume 46, No. 3 (July 2007) includes the following articles.

Social Partnership in Ireland and New Social Pacts, WILLIAM K. ROCHE

Centralized Wage Bargaining and the Celtic Tiger Phenomenon, LUCIO BACCARO and MARCO SIMONI

High-Commitment Work Practices and Downsizing Harshness in Australian Workplaces, RODERICK D. IVERSON and CHRISTOPHER D. ZATZICK

Labor Market Outcomes of Persons with Mental Disorders, MARJORIE L. BALDWIN, and STEVEN C. MARCUS

New Evidence on Gender Differences in Promotion Rates: An Empirical Analysis of a Sample of New Hires, FRANCINE D. BLAU and JED DEVARO

Defined Contribution Plans and the Distribution of Pension Wealth, WILLIAM EVEN and DAVID MACPHERSON

Defending Dock Workers Globalization and Labor Relations in the Worlds Ports, PETER J. TURNBULL and VICTORIA J. WASS

Decentralization of Collective Agreements and Rising Wage Inequality in Israel, TALI KRISTAL and YINON COHEN

State Dependence, Accommodations and the Post-Injury Employment of Disabled Workers, MICHELE CAMPOLIETI

Finance, Corporate Governance, and the Employment Relationship, BOYD BLACK, and HOWARD GOSPEL, and ANDREW PENDLETON

Recent Sponsored Research

Carol Zabin, Evelyn & Walter Haas Jr. Fund, Job Quality Research and Education Initiative
Katie Quan, Panta Rhea Foundation, Wal-Mart in China: Is there an Opening for Labor?
Katie Quan, The California Wellness Foundation, California Lead Organizer Institute
Ken Jacobs, The California Endowment, California Health Policy Research Program
Marcy Whitebook, The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Early Childhood Educator Competencies Project
Marcy Whitebook The Stone Foundation, Planning for Effective Teacher Preparation in Early Childhood Education

Recent Faculty Working Papers

The following papers were recently added to the series, and may be downloaded from the eScholarship Repository at

Arindrajit Dube, T. William Lester, and Barry Eidlin (August 6, 2007) Firm Entry and Wages: Impact of Wal-Mart Growth on Earnings Throughout the Retail Sector

Andrajit Dube, T. William Lester, and Michael Reich (August 1, 2007) Minimum Wage Effects Across State Borders: Estimates Using Contiguous Counties

Trond Petersen, Andrew Penner, and Geir Hogsnes (July 17, 2007) From Motherhood Penalties to Fatherhood Premia: The New Challenge for Family Policy

Arindrajit Dube, Suresh Naidu, and Michael Reich (June 29, 2007) The Economic Impacts of a Citywide Minimum Wage

Trond Petersen, Andrew Penner, and Geir Hogsnes (June 1, 2007) The Motherhood Wage Penalty: Sorting Versus Differential Pay

Heather A. Havemen, Anand Swaminathan, and Eric B. Johnson (May 22, 2007) Structure at Work: The Division of Labor in U.S. Wineries

IRLE Program News

The Labor Center

New Grants

The Labor Center recently received grants from The California Endowment for the “California Health Policy Research Program” and The California Wellness Foundation for the “California Lead Organizers Institute.”

New Staff

LUCAS RONCONI, Post-Doctoral Researcher
Lucas specializes in health and comparative labor policy. He is currently analyzing health policy options for California and studying compliance with labor regulations in less developed countries. Past work includes analyses of the economic impact of immigration in the U.S., social movements and labor unions in Latin America.

KOREY CAPOZZA, Principal Health Policy Analyst
Korey provides research, analysis, and advocacy support to consumer and labor groups on statewide health reform, coverage expansion, and health care access and affordability.

New Reports

The UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education released three new reports to coincide with Labor Day 2007. “A Small Increase at the Bottom: Jobs, Wages and Healthcare in 2007”; “Job Quality and Black Workers: An Examination of the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York”; “Impact of Health Benefit Reductions in the Unionized Grocery Sector in California.” You can link to these reports from our home page:

Upcoming Trainings

Latino Leadership School. This school is for Spanish-speaking emerging leaders from unions and community-based organizations. It includes a 4-day intensive training, debrief sessions and mentoring throughout the year.
October 19, 20 & 21, 2007 (follow-up sessions held in February, June, & September 2008). ECCO Retreat Center, Oakhurst, California (just outside of Fresno). Contact Karen Navarro, 510-643-0910 or, or visit our website.

Katie Quan on leave during 2007-2008 academic year

Beginning September 2007, Katie Quan will spend nine months at the Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR), New York City campus. She will teach and work with ILR faculty on courses for their two-year leadership development program for senior labor leaders. Katie will also conduct research and work with ILR faculty on global labor issues and immigration.

California Public Employee Relations

CPER’s August issue (No. 185) continues the discussion of the “storm” over post-retirement health care benefits, in “Further Storm Warnings in the Territory of Retiree Health Care Benefits,” by Richard Whitmore and Cepideh Roufougar. The journal also has an instructive article by attorney Rebecca Speer, “Truth & Consequences: The Practical and Legal Impact of a Good Investigation.”  CPER Editor Carol Vendrillo covers the Supreme Court ruling that a state law can demand a public sector union obtain non-members’ consent before it uses “fair share” fees for political purposes.

Other Publications

CPER has just published a new edition of Pocket Guide to the Public Safety Officers Procedural Bill of Rights Act. It’s the 12th edition, and over 100,000 copies have been sold over the years.

Upcoming Conferences

Thursday, September 20, “Unfair Practice Charge Processing.” This one-day seminar provides a review of charge processing from filing of unfair practices through board review of proposed decisions. It will be held at U.C. Irvine’s Crystal Cove Auditorium. For more information or to register, go to

The 25th Annual Meeting of the State Bar Labor and Employment Law Section will be held on October 19-20, 2007. The opening keynote speaker will be Joseph Grodin, Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Law and a former Associate Justice of the California Supreme Court. The closing speaker will be Angela Bradstreet, Labor Commissioner for the Department of Industrial Relations. For more information, go to

California Studies Center News

Prof. Richard Walker (Geography) is breathing new life into the California Studies Center at IRLE.  The Center co-hosted the annual California Studies Conference, April 27-29, with the help of a conference grant from IRLE. The gathering, entitled, "The Crisis of the California Commons",  led to a revival of the California Studies Association after a two - year hiatus in their twenty year string of conferences.  The Center has agreed to host the CSA website at IRLE.

The Living New Deal Project, led by Gray Brechin and Richard Walker of IRLE and the Geography Department, is unearthing the hidden history and archeology of the New Deal in California. This vast legacy is being systematically documented by the project and presented to the public via a new website developed hosted by IRLE, organized via maps of the state and localities.

 The Center received a grant from the Chlebowski Fund for student research support in Summer 2007 and a GSR grant from the IRLE to continue the work through 2008.  The CSC is partnering with the California Historical Society to expand the scope of project outreach, both for documents and public awareness, and should land a $100,000 grant from Columbia foundation for this work in the Fall.

Center for the Study of Child Care Employment

National Review of Childhood Educator Competencies Launched

CSCCE is conducting an extensive nationwide review of early childhood educator competencies, through which states and organizations have sought to define the knowledge and skill base of effective practitioners. Through September 30, the Center's web site,, is posting an online survey to solicit broad input from the early education field about the further development of such competencies in California. During August and September, the Center is also hosting a series of seven input meetings throughout the state. A final report will be released in January 2008.

Institute for Research on Labor and Employment Library

Photo Exhibit: David Bacon

IRLE is hosting an exhibit of photography by noted journalist and Labor Center Advisory Board Member David Bacon. The featured work focuses on people, work and technology. The exhibit will also be curated and presented via the IRLE Web later this fall as a permanent collection of the IRLE Library.

Digitization Update

The Library staff has shipped a full run of the proceedings of the California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO for digitization.  In addition, the publications of IRLE-Berkeley have been shipped. The Library possesses many hard-to-find documents, e.g., longshore worker publications, which are compiled in a historical context with related.  Taken together, the resulting digital library will present a wide-angle view of 20th century labor relations in California, covering many topics as well as the Federation and the IRLE’s own publications. The collection is forecast to become publicly accessible in 2008-2009, and will grow with time.

Library Presentations

Janice Kimball and Terry Huwe presented a training module to Labor Summer interns in June and worked with the interns throughout the summer.  In July Terry gave a second global Webcast on “Library 2.0 strategies,” which was sponsored by the Association of College and Research Libraries. Terry will be a presenter and moderator at Internet Librarian International in London, in late fall, on the same topic, and again at a campus conference to be held on November 2 at the Clark Kerr campus.

New Library Collections

Directors Emeritus Lloyd Ulman and George Strauss have donated major portions of their personal libraries to the IRLE Library.  These collections join Clark Kerr’s personal library, which was donated in 2004-2005.

The Labor Project for Working Families

Survey of California Unions on Paid Sick Days

The Labor Project for Working Families is conducting a survey of California labor unions on the topic of Paid Sick Days.

Download the survey. Please return the survey to Brenda Muñoz at by September 26, 2007.

To learn more, see the California Paid Sick Days fact sheet. For more information please email or call 510-643-7088.

Labor Project’s Online Family Photo Album

The Labor Project for Working Families is inviting photo submissions for our NEW online Family Photo Album. We request our union sisters and brothers, friends and supporters to send us photographs of their favorite camera moments with their family.

We will select the best photo submissions and feature them on our website. For submission guidelines, see For more information, call 510-643-6813 or email

Campus Events

Economics Department

Economics 251, Labor Economics Seminar, 608-7 Evans Hall, Thursdays 2-4pm

September 6, 2007
Aloysius Siow, University of Toronto
Marriage Matching, Risk Sharing and Spousal Labor Supplies
(with Eugene Choo and Shannon Seitz)

Demography Department

Demography Fall 2007 Brown Bag Series, 2232 Piedmont, Wednesdays 12:10 to 1:00pm

September 12, 2007
Giovanni Peri, Dept. of Economics, UC Davis
Comparative Advantages and Gains from Immigration.

Institute for the Study of Social Change

September 6, 2007 3:30-5:pm Goldberg Room Boalt Hall School of Law
The Uses of Social Science in Anti-discrimination Law: Theories of Animus, Implicit Bias and Institutional Racism
David Wellman, Professor of Community Studies and Sociology, UC Santa Cruz
Jack Glaser, Assistant Professor of Public Policy, UC Berkeley
Margaret Russell, Professor of Law, Santa Clara University

September 27, 2007 12-1:30pm ISSC Conference Room 2420 Bowditch Street (at Haste)

Immigrant Replenishment and the Continuing Significance of Ethnicity and Race: The Case of the Mexican-origin Population
Tomas Jimenez, Assistant Professor of Sociology, UC San Diego
with Irene Bloemraad, Assistant Professor of Sociology, UC Berkeley, as respondent

Sociology Department

Thursday September 6th, 2007 Blumer Room, 402 Barrows 4:00-5:30pm
Whither the Poverty Neighborhood? Studying the Dynamics of Social Change and Persistence
Martin Sanchez-Jankowski