September 2010 (No. 44)

Editor: Terence K. Huwe
Contributors: Marcy Whitebook, Stefanie Kalmin, Janice Kimball, Jenifer MacGillvary, Netsy Firestein, Dick Walker


Especially Recommended
IRLE Colloquium Series
Job Losses and Economic Consequences of the Great Recession
Sylvia Allegretto, September 27, 12 pm –1 pm
Light refreshments served
RSVP to Myra Armstrong,

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Letter of Welcome from Acting Director Karen Chapple
New Affiliated Faculty: Jesse Rothstein
2010-11 IRLE Research Support for Faculty
Fall 2010 Visiting Scholars
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Letter of Welcome from Acting Director Karen Chapple

Dear Friends:

I am pleased to welcome the IRLE community back as fall term begins. IRLE Director and Professor of Economics Michael Reich will be on sabbatical for the 2010-11 academic year, and I have been asked to assume the post of Acting Director while he is away.

We anticipate a busy and productive year, with IRLE programs and centers continuing their ongoing research and community outreach activities. In the next few days, we hope to finalize the IRLE Fall Colloquium Series, and we will announce the series as soon as that work is completed. Several high-profile events are in the works at The Labor Center, the California Studies Center, CPER, the Vial Center and CSCCE; the October issue of eNews will list these events as well. We will also announce our fall reception in the coming weeks. This event is a helpful way to meet visiting scholars and catch up on summer research activities with colleagues, and so I will hope to see you there.

I look forward to working with the entire IRLE community during the coming academic year!


Karen Chapple, Acting Director, IRLE


IRLE Colloquium Series Update

Although the IRLE Colloquium Series is still taking shape, we are pleased to announce our first speaker, Sylvia Allegretto from IRLE’s Center for Wage and Employment Dynamics (CWED). Further information will follow via email.

Job Losses and Economic Consequences of the Great Recession
Sylvia Allegretto
Date and Time: Monday, September 27, 2010, 12:00 pm –1:00 pm
IRLE Large Conference Room
2521 Channing Way

Light refreshments will be served
RSVP: Myra Armstrong,


New Affiliated Faculty Member: Jesse Rothstein

IRLE is pleased to welcome Jesse Rothstein (Goldman School of Public Policy) as a new affiliated faculty member.

Jesse's research focuses on public policy and labor economics. He has just returned to UC Berkeley after a year on leave as Senior Economist with the Council of Economic Advisers. His recent research projects have focused on education and tax policy, and particularly on the way that public institutions ameliorate or reinforce the effects of children’s families on their academic and economic outcomes. Much of his research examines racial gaps in educational progress. His studies in this area include an examination (with Albert Yoon) of the role of affirmative action in legal education and an assessment (with Alan Krueger and Sarah Turner) of Justice O’Connor’s prediction in Grutter v. Bollinger that affirmative action will be unnecessary within a quarter century. He also studies the causes and consequences of racial segregation and the role of housing markets in allocating access to good schools. More recently, he has worked on the evaluation of teacher quality using student achievement data and on the value of school infrastructure spending


2010-11 IRLE Research Support for Faculty

IRLE is pleased to announce that the following faculty members have been awarded GSR for the 2010-11 academic year:

Iren Bloemraad, Irene and Cybelle Fox (Sociology)
Joan Bloom, (Public Health)
Clair Brown, (Economics)
Ruth Collier, (Political Science)
Waverly Ding, (Haas School of Business)
William Dow, (Public Health)
Neil Fligstein, (Sociology)
Heather Haveman, (Sociology)
Rucker Johnson (Goldman School of Public Policy)
Jerome Karabel, (Sociology)
Laura Kray, (Haas School of Business)
David Levine, (Haas School of Business)
James Lincoln, (Haas School of Business)
Charlan Nemeth, (Psychology)
Trond Petersen, (Sociology)
Kim Voss, (Sociology)
Richard A. Walker, (Geography)


Visiting Scholars 2010-2011

IRLE is pleased to welcome a diverse group of visiting scholars to UC Berkeley for fall 2010. The following list is partial and a full list will be announced in October's issue of eNews. Scholars will be listed on the IRLE Web at

Oriol Barranco Font –Spain
Oriol Barranco Font is a Sociology Professor at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona in Spain. His research is on ‘transformations of labor process and ethnography as a method to research labor process’. He is a Visiting Scholar at IRLE from August 1, 2010 through October 31, 2010 and is sponsored by Michael Reich.

Jou-juo Chu –Taiwan
Dr. Jou-juo Chu is a Professor of Sociology in the Department of Labor Relations and Institute for Labor Studies at the National Chung Cheng University in Taiwan. She is also the Director at the Research Centre for Global Taiwanese Entrepreneurs. Her research focus is on the brain circulation between Taiwan’s Science Parks and Silicon Valley; building long-distance social and economic networks. She will be at IRLE from June 20, 2011 through September 9, 2011. Her latest publication: "Gender Occupational Segregation in Taiwan, 1996 vs. 2006", Asia Journal of Global Studies (2008).

Ana Damas de Matos –United Kingdom
Ana Damas de Matos is a PhD student in Economics at the London School of Economics. Her current research interest is in labor economics, and focuses in particular on the careers of immigrants. She is here from October, 2009 to September, 2010.. She is sponsored by David Card.

Jenny Jansson –Sweden
Jenny Jansson is a PhD Candidate in Political Science at the Department of Government, Uppsala University in Sweden. Her research examines the construction of a strong cohesive identity in the Swedish Trade Union Confederation for blue collar workers, the LO, in the 1920s and 1930s. She was will be at IRLE from January 10, 2011 through May 31, 2011 and will be sponsored by David Collier.

Akira Kitamura –Japan
Akira Kitamura is director-general at the Bureau of Equal Employment and Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan. His research interests are in the issues of technological innovation and the supply and demand of manpower in health care. He is at IRLE from September, 2009 through March, 2011 and is sponsored by Clair Brown. His latest publication: "Hospital administration under the PFI initiative in U.K."; WAM, November edition, Medical and Social Welfare Corporation (2000).

Murat G. Kirdar –Turkey
Murat G. Kirdar is an Assistant Professor at the Middle East Technical University in Turkey. He will be continuing his research on labor market policies, migration and employment outcomes. He will be at IRLE from September 6, 2011 through August 30, 2012 and sponsored by Michael Reich. His latest publication: "Labor Market Outcomes, Savings Accumulation and Return Migration", Labour Economics (2009).

Nelson Lind
Nelson Lind is at IRLE from August 20, 2010 through August 20, 2011 and is sponsored by David Card.

Liviu Mantescu –Romania
Liviu Mantescu is a Doctoral Student at the International Max Planck Research School on the Social and Political Construction of the Economy in Cologne, Germany. He will be continuing his field research on conflicts between the European Natura 2000 regulation and community-based institutions for managing natural resources. He is at IRLE from August 16, 2010 through December 31, 2010 and is sponsored by Professor Neil Fligstein.

Sung Namkung –Korea (further information is forthcoming)

Lena Nekby –Sweden
Lena Nekby is an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at Stockholm University. She will be continuing her research interests on issues pertaining to migration, integration, gender and discrimination. She will be IRLE from September 7, 2010 through June 30, 2011 sponsored by Michael Reich. Latest publication: "Assortive Mating by Ethnic background and Education among Individuals with an Immigrant background in Sweden", Journal of Family Research (forthcoming).

Juliane Parys –Germany
Juliane Parys is a PhD Candidate at Bonn Graduate School of Economics at the University of Bonn, Germany. Her research focuses on, but is not limited to, Intrahousehold Bargaining and the Parental Benefit Reform 2007 in Germany, gender discrimination, and coefficient testing across Potentially Non-nested Models. She is at IRLE from January, 2010 through September 30, 2010 with Professor David Levine as her sponsor.

Perihan Saygin –Turkey
Perihan Saygin is a PhD Candidate in Economics, Markets and Institutions at IMT Lucca Italy. Her research interest is in Economics. She is here from September 15, 2009 through March 15, 2011 and is sponsored by David Card.

Achim Schmillen - Germany
Achim Scmillen is a PhD candidate in Economics at the University of Regensburg. His research interest is in labor economics. He is a Visiting Student Researcher at IRLE from August 19, 2010 through December 17, 2010 with David Card as his sponsor.

Ilan Tojerow –Belgium
Ilan Tojerow, is a visiting researcher from Universite Librede Bruxelles, Belgium, whose research interest is ‘the impact of international trade on the wage structure’. He is here from September, 2009 through December 31, 2010. His sponsor is Professor David Card.

Benjamin Vollard –Netherlands
Benjamin Vollard is an Assistant Professor at the Economics Department at the University of Tilburg. He will be continuing his research on the economics of crime. He will be at IRLE from October 15, 2010 through December 31, 2010 and will be sponsored by Professor Steven Raphael, Goldman School of Public Policy.

Zhou Xia –China
Zhou Xia is a Doctoral Candidate in Political Science at the Zhongshan University in China. Her research studies focus on the impact of the corporate social responsibility on Chinese labor relations and the interactions among multiple actors. She will be at IRLE from September 15, 2010 through September 15, 2011 and will be sponsored by Katie Quan.


Recent Working Papers

The following papers are available in the eScholarship Repository and on the IRLE at the follow locations:

The Living New Deal: The Unsung Benefits of the New Deal for the United States and California
Working Paper No. 220-10
August 1, 2010
Richard A. Walker and Gray Brechin

The Changing Face of the U.S. Labor Force: The Composition of the Unemployed and Long-term Unemployed in Tough Labor Markets
Working Paper No. 221-10
July 21, 2010
Sylvia Allegretto and Devon Lynch

How Do Employers React to a Pay-or-Play Mandate? Early Evidence from San Francisco
Working Paper No. 219-10
July 1, 2010
Carrie Hoverman Colla, William H. Dow, and Arindrajit Dube

Do Minimum Wages Really Reduce Teen Employment? Accounting for Heterogeneity and Selectivity in State Panel Data
Working Paper No. 166-08
June 21, 2010
Sylvia Allegretto, Arindrajit Dube, and Michael Reich

Minority Influence Theory
Working Paper No. 218-10
May 8, 2010
Charlan Jeanne Nemeth

The Within-Job Motherhood Wage Penalty in Norway, 1979-1996
Working Paper No. 217-10
May 3, 2010
Trond Petersen, Andrew M. Penner, and Geir Høgnsnes:

American Exceptionalism and the Quality of Life in the United States: Some Preliminary Statistical Observations
Working Paper No. 216-10
April 30, 2010
Jerome Karabel

Overconfidence and the Attainment of Status in Groups
Working Paper No. 215-10
April 14, 2010
Cameron Anderson and Sebastien Brion

The Impact of Founder Professional Education Background on the Adoption of Open Science by For-Profit Biotechnology Firms
Working Paper No. 214-10
April 14, 2010
Waverly Ding




The Labor Center

The long-awaited and much-anticipated fourth edition of California Workers' Rights: A Manual of Job Rights, Protections and Remedies is available for purchase!

Art Pulaski, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO, calls California Workers' Rights "One of the most useful books California workers will ever encounter."

Written by David A. Rosenfeld, Miles E. Locker and Nina G. Fendel, California Workers' Rights provides a basic overview of the legal protections for workers under California and federal law, written in understandable language, designed for use by workers and those who represent them.

Visit to order a copy.


New Grants

Steven Pitts has received an 18-month renewal grant from the Open Society Institute for $175,000 for his project "Campaign for Black Male Achievement."  The goal of this project is to increase the quality of jobs held by Black males through assisting in the development of Black worker centers in targeted cities and by disseminating research that helps to reframe current approaches to the Black male employment crisis.

Lisa Hoyos has received an 8-month grant from Energy Foundation for $58,000 for a project entitled "Educating the California Labor Movement on AB 32 Implementation."  The project aims to provide California labor leaders with useful research and analysis of the potential impact of the AB 32 climate change bill on jobs and job quality.


The Labor Center has launched a new series of monthly reports that highlight the employment outlook in the black community as national jobless numbers hover around 10 percent and African Americans fare far worse.

Each of the Labor Center's monthly briefs will include seasonally-adjusted employment data in the form of text, tables and color-coded graphs, starting back with statistics for the early rumblings of the Great Recession in December 2007. The researchers will report the latest unemployment rates, as well as the employment-to-population ratio, for blacks based on age groups and gender, and compare those numbers to those for the U.S. population overall and for whites.

The center's monthly jobs report is produced with support from the Open Society Institute's Campaign for Black Male Achievement. The reports are available at


New Reports

The State of Black Workers before the Great Recession
July 2010, by Sylvia Allegretto and Steven Pitts

New Approaches to Organizing Women and Young Workers: Social Media & Work Family Issues
July 2010, by Netsy Firestein, Labor Project for Working Families, Deborah King, Cornell ILR Labor Programs and Katie Quan, UC Berkeley Labor Center

The Affordable Care Act: A Guide for Union Negotiators
August 2010

The Economic Consequences of Proposed California Budget Cuts
May 2010, by Ken Jacobs, Laurel Lucia and T. William Lester

Regional Economic Impacts of Proposed Health and Human Services Cuts
July 2010, by Ken Jacobs, Laurel Lucia and T. William Lester

Affordable Care Act: Summary of Provisions Affecting Employer-Sponsored Insurance
August 2010

Summary of Health Care Reform Legislation Provisions Affecting Children, Non-Elderly Adults and Employers
(Updated 8/5/10)

Eligibility for Medi-Cal and the Health Insurance Exchange in California under the Affordable Care Act
August 2010, By Ken Jacobs, Laurel Lucia and Dave Graham-Squire

Federal Health Reform: Impact on California Small Businesses, Their Employees and the Self-Employed
June 2010, By Laurel Lucia, Ken Jacobs and Dave Graham-Squire


Upcoming Trainings

What EVERY Union Needs to Know about the New Federal Health Law
A workshop for union negotiators, leaders and Taft-Hartley trustees
September 10, 2010 (Los Angeles)
September 14, 2010 (Oakland)

Modesto - Date TBA
More information is available on our website.


Online Media Skills
2-day workshop at the Labor Center
Oct 21-22, 2010
Registration Deadline is Wednesday Sept 28th
More information is available on our website.


New Staff

Alexa Hall joined the staff of the Labor Center as a program assistant.


California Public Employee Relations

The California Public Relations Program is proud to be working on CPER Journal, No. 200! This issue includes an article by attorney M. Carol Stevens (Burke, Williams and Sorenson) on implementing a non-negotiable decision before completing bargaining on negotiable effects. Stevens, Executive Director of the California Public Employers Labor Relations Association (CALPELRA), notes that the current economic climate has created "new realities" which not only will generate Public Employment Relations decisions of first impression, but also will reexamine and emphasize older decisions previously considered insignificant.

A second article, by Greg Dannis (Dannis Wolliver Kelly), provides the text of his annual keynote speech to the Association of California School Administrators Symposium for Negotiators. In "The Negotiator: Like a Rolling Stone," Dannis uses "the language with the greatest insight into human experience...the language of Rock and Roll" to elaborate on his own insights at the bargaining table.

This month, CPER Associate Editor Katherine Thomson filled the Directors Room at the IRLE, hosting the seminar "Due Process Rules! Before,During, and After Termination of Public Employees." Attendees received MCLE credit to learn about pretermination rights and responsibilities, disciplinary hearing procedures, and obtaining and defending against post-termination remedies. Audiotapes will be for sale on CPER's web site soon.

The staff is also working on new editions of several pocket guides, including those on the subjects of just cause and workplace rights.


California Studies Center

California Studies Dinner
September 16, 7-10 pm
IRLE Large Conference Room

Speaker: Jeff Lustig, Professor Emeritus of Government, Sacramento State University, Founder of the California Studies Association

Professor Lustig will discuss his new book, "Remaking California: Reclaiming the Public Good"

Sponsors: Geography, Department of, California Studies Association, Townsend Center for the Humanities, Institute for Research on Labor and Employment

Reservation required.
Make reservations by September 13 by calling Delores Dillard at 510-642-3903, or by emailing Delores Dillard at
Refreshments: Dinners are free, but we ask for a small donation for those partaking of wine and beverages


Upcoming Event:
California Studies Dinner
Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Speaker: Dr. John Douglass, Senior Research Fellow, Center for the Study of Higher Education, UC Berkeley (details to be announced)


Center for the Study of Child Care Employment

CSCCE is putting the finishing touches on a redesigned web site which will launch in early September. At that time, we will release two new studies, the Year 2 Report of Learning Together: A Study of Six BA Cohort Programs in Early Childhood Education and Beyond Homes and Centers:   The Workforce in Three California Early Childhood Infrastructure Organizations.

Fran Kipnis made a presentation about workforce data systems to select states at  the National Governors Association 's Policy Academy, held in Seattle in July. Marcy Whitebook and Fran Kipnis participated in a Birth to Five Policy Alliance Grantee Meeting held in Denver in July. During that trip, Marcy delivered the keynote address to the Buehl Early Childhood Leadership Program, an innovative effort underway in Denver to hone the skills and build the linguistic and cultural diversity of early childhood leaders. In August, Marcy and Fran also made presentations at Early Childhood 2010, a conference convened by the U.S. Departments of Education and Health and Human Services held in Washington, DC. Presentations focused on workforce development, compensation and health issues for those working with young children.  CSCCE has also been asked to provide expert opinion on early childhood workforce policy to the Obama Administration. 

Finally, we are pleased to announce a new member of our staff, Lea Austin. She comes to us with extensive experience in early childhood policy and leadership development. Read her bio on our new site next month.


Center for Wage and Employment Dynamics (CWED)

CWED Economist Sylvia Allegretto referred a grant from the Ford Foundation to study he effects of the sub-minimum wage received by tipped workers. Her research will analyze tipped wages and the tip credit in terms of worker outcomes such as wages and poverty and firm outcomes such as whether negative employment effects are associated with higher tipped wages.

Sylvia Allegretto also released a policy brief that documented the jobs situation in the United States and in California; comparatively and historically. The brief explores "bang for the buck" budget choices and documents unemployment, underemployment and long-term unemployment since the onset of the recession. She also looks at the effectiveness of some of California's options for dealing with its budget crisis.

Read the full brief: The Severe Crisis of Jobs in the United States and California PDF


Institute for Research on Labor and Employment Library

California AFL-CIO, Proceeding and Papers: New Documents Added

During summer 2010 the IRLE Library added 25 years of the California AFL-CIO News to its online repository of the Federation's publication, bringing digital coverage up to 1993. Library staff also created full-color scans of the legislative voting records charts associated with issues of the Proceedings between the 1948 and 1963; the printed volumes for various years in this time period included elaborate, fold-out charts that utilized black and red to show how legislators voted. These new scans may be found at

Since July the Library has scanned issues of the California AFL-CIO News for the period of 1994 through 2002, and we anticipate making these issues publicly accessible later in the fall. Once this step is completed, more recent issues of the Proceedings will be added, bringing the repository fully up to date. This last step will include taking "born digital" desktop publishing files and converting them to archival formats that can be preserved for the long term.

Course Reserves Update

The IRLE Library is being tapped by an increasing number of campus faculty members, who are using us as a "source of last resort" for reserve reading. We do not always receive advance notice, and so we are now asking students if they are in search of reserve reading at the point of circulation. As we identify course reserve titles, we update the OskiCat record to reflect reserve status for the current term. This new usage pattern has been bringing many students to IRLE who might not otherwise take the hike to the South Side; many have adopted the Library as a preferred study site as well.


Labor Project for Working Families

New Approaches to Organizing Women and Young Workers: Social Media & Work Family Issues

This new report by Labor Project for Working Families, Cornell ILR Programs and UC Berkeley Labor Center includes highlights of interviews with 23 organizers about how they use new social media tools and work and family issues in organizing campaigns. It also includes recommendations that may help unions strengthen their relationships with women and young workers, especially with regard to the use of work and family issues and social media that might ultimately help unions be more successful in organizing. The report was funded by the Berger Marks Foundation. Download at:

Website Award for Labor Project

Labor Project’s LEARNWorkFamily website wins International Labor Communications Association’s (ILCA) 2010 Award for General Excellence and Best Content. This website includes a searchable database of work family union contract language and other resources on bargaining for work family.

Labor Project Featured in New Book on Workplace Flexibility

The Labor Project’s work, union contract language and programs from our LEARN website and quotes by Communications and Development Director Vibhuti Mehra are featured prominently in a chapter on unions in The Custom-Fit Workplace, Choose WHEN, WHERE, and HOW to Work, and Boost Your Bottom Line, by Joan Blades and Nanette Fondas.



Economics Department

Economics 225, Oliver E. Williamson Seminar on Institutional Analysis
C325 Cheit Hall

February 18, 2010
Shaming the Corporation: Political and Institutional Foundations of Corporate Social Responsibility
Timothy Bartley, University of Indiana

September 23, 2010
"Adverse Selection in Team Formation Under Discrimination",
Justin Tumlinson, UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business

September 30, 2010
"The Cost of a New Boss: Specific Relationships, Role Definition, and Firm Performance",
Bryan Hong, UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business

Economics 251, Labor Economics Seminar
608-7 Evans Hall

Monday September 15, 2010
"Fiscal Spending Multipliers: Evidence from the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act",
Daniel Wilson, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Center for Labor Economics, Labor Lunch Series
608-7 Evans Hall

September 3, 2010
"Immigrant Wage Catch up and Job Mobility"
Ana Damas De Matos, London School of Economics

Geography Department

Thursday September 16, 2010
California Studies Dinner:
2521 Channing Way
Discussing his new book "Remaking California: Reclaiming the Public Good",
Jeff Lustig, Professor Emeritus of Government, Sacramento State University, Founder of the California Studies Association

Graduate School of Journalism

September 8, 2010
North Gate Hall
Fat Profits on the Economic Fringes: discussion of "Broke USA",
Gary Rivlin, Writer-in-Residence, Graduate School of Journalism


Institute for the Study of Societal Issues

September 8, 2010
2538 Channing Way
Wildavsky Conference Room
Prisonfare as Poverty Management and State Building,
Loïc Wacquant, Professor of Sociology, University of California, Berkeley