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I am a columnist for Computers in Libraries magazine, writing on the topic of "Building Digital Libraries." My focus is more on the human interactions and usability issues surrounding the effective use of digital media, versus the development of programming, scripting, and site administration tools.

Computers in Libraries is published by Information Today, Inc. (

These columns may not be used for commercial purposes of any sort.

"My Three Wishes for Digital Repositories." Computers in Libraries 25 (No. 4), April 2005.

"Born to Blog." Computers in Libraries 23 (No. 10), November/December 2003.

"Scanning is Still Hip High Tech." Computers in Libraries 24 (No. 10), November/December 2004.

"The Digital 'Sizzle.'" Computers in Libraries 23 (No. 2), February 2003.

"Scouting Upstream for Pre-Publication Information." Computers in Libraries 24 (No. 1), January 2004.

"Casting a Wider Net with Roving Reference." Computers in Libraries 23 (No. 3), March 2003.

"Convergence of Interlibrary Loan and Local Collections." Computers in Libraries 24 (No. 3), March 2004.

"Managing the 'Forest' of Administrative Servers and Documents." Computers in Libraries 23 (No. 5), May 2003.

"Being Organic Gives Reference Librarians the Edge Over Computers." Computers in Libraries 24 (No. 5), May 2004.

"Keep Those Web Skills Current." Computers in Libraries 24 (No. 8), September 2004.

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