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Managing nicely running web sites is sort of like having really neat cats that are just fascinating to watch all day long, playing with a string or stalking a fly. Probably others (like friends invited over to dinner) will not necessarily be enraptured in quite the same way...but, still. It is sort of fun. Here are some highlights:

My Blog:

The Institute for Research on Labor and Employment web site is getting bigger all the time, and will soon included a digital library of working papers that were published by the federally funded National Center for the Workplace.

The IRLE Library's web page includes a nice guide to labor resources on the Internet.

And its Labor News and Events Blog:


I grew up on the island of Hawaii but have lots of friends on Maui. One of my favorite links on is the Gandhi home page, put together by lleslie. But then, I really like the Engaged Buddhist Dharma Page too, until my karma was run over by my dharma.

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