What Future for Jobs and Manufacturing?

Jobs and ManufacturingIRLE hosted an invitation-only conference that focused on the many aspects of manufacturing employment both within the United States and abroad. The event was co-sponsored by the Global Metropolitan Studies Center. View the conference program »



The State of Manufacturing   –   Watch this session YouTube Video
Morning Session —[Chair: Michael Reich, UC Berkeley]
Gerhard Bosch, Institut Arbeit und Qualifikation, Germany
David Dornfeld, UC Berkeley
Rob Scott, Economic Policy Institute
Steve Vogel, Political Science, UC Berkeley

What Role for Manufacturing in Restoring Full Employment?   –   Watch this session YouTube Video
Keynote Speaker Richard Freeman (Harvard)

Manufacturing, Services and Job Creation
Early Afternoon Session — [Chair: Ashok Bardhan, UC Berkeley]
Gordon Hanson, Economics, UC San Diego
Harry Holzer, Public Policy Institute, Georgetown
Susan Houseman, Economist, W.E. Upjohn Institute
Enrico Moretti, Economics, UC Berkeley

Innovation & Manufacturing   –   Watch this session YouTube Video
Late Afternoon Session — [Chair: Clair Brown, UC Berkeley]
Suzanne Berger, Political Science, MIT
Fred Block, Sociology, UC Davis
Stephen Ezell, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, W.D.C.
Tim Sturgeon, Industrial Performance Center, MIT

What Hope for Industrial Policy?   –   Watch this session YouTube Video
Evening Session — [Chair: Richard Walker, UC Berkeley]
David Card, Economics, UC Berkeley
Ralph Gomory, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Thea Lee, Economist, AFL-CIO