2006-07 IRLE Faculty Research Support Grants


P.I. Name/Dept. Type of Award Granted Project Title
Anderson, Cameron/Haas GSR Award Employee Voice: Exploring the Disconnect between Supervisor's Wishes and Employee's Behavior
Anderson, Cameron/Haas Data Initiative Grant The Ascension of Leaders: Testing a Dominance Model of Group Hierarcies
Bloemraad,Irene/Soc. GSR Award and Conference Grant Interdisciplinary Immigration Workshop
Bloemraad, Irene & Voss, Kim/Soc. Conference Grant Conference on Immigration Protests
Brown, Clair/Econ. GSR Award The State of High-Tech Labor Markets (on-going) and American Standards of Living (pilot phase)
Chapple, Karen/City and Reg. Planning GSR Award Engaging Employers in Workforce Development
Collier, Ruth/Poli-Sci. GSR Award Working-Class Representation in Neoliberal Democracy in Latin America
Elfenbein, Hillary/Haas GSR Award Empirically investigating antecedents and consequences of rivalry
Farhang, Sean/Goldman Schl. Pub. Pol. GSR Award Private Litigation, Public Regulation, and Equal Employment Opportunity
Fligstein, Neil/Soc. GSR Award The Determinants of CEO pay, 1980-2004
Fourcade-Gourinchas, Marion/Soc. GSR Award Political Activity Across Nations: For a Better Measurement of Polity Characteristics
Haveman, Heather/Soc. GSR Award The Evolving Demography of Jobs in the U.S. Wine Industry
Keller, Ann/Pub. Hlth. Planning Grant Adherence versus Learning: Lead Agency Responses to New Information about HIV/AIDS Prevention Stragety Effectiveness
Kray, Laura/Haas GSR Award Implicit Negotiation Team Beliefs and Labor-Management
Levine, David/Haas GSR Award When is Sabotage Acceptable? Survey Evidence
Nemeth, Charlan/Psychology GSR Award and Data Initiative Grant Creativity and Innovation: Twin issues in Psychology and Business
Perloff, Jeff/Agr. Reg. Econ. GSR Award U.S. Job Training Partnership Act's Impact on the Distribution of Individual Earnings
Petersen, Trond/Soc. GSR Award Occupation-Establishment Sex Segregation and the Gender Wage Gap
Riley, Dylan/Soc. GSR Award The Civic Foundations of Fascism
Voss, Kim/Soc. GSR Award Rethinking Democracy/Understanding Immigrant Protests
Zedeck, Shelly/Psych. GSR Award Identification and development of predictors for Successful Lawyering (Continuation)
Zysman, John/Poli-Sci. GSR Award and Conference Grant IT Transformation of Services: Work Politics of Labor and Productivity