2007-08 IRLE Faculty Research Support Grants


P.I. Name/Dept. Project Title
Anderson, Cameron (Haas) Encouraging Employee Voice Through Leadership Style
Bloemraad, Irene (Sociology) Interdisciplinary Immigration Workshop
Brown, Clair (Economics) Globalization and Economic Insecurity
Burawoy, Michael (Sociology) New Orleans After Katrina: the Labor of Reconstruction and the Reconstruction of Labor
Chapple, Karen (City and Regional Planning) Industrial Land Supply in California
Collier, David (Poli-Sci) Labor Relations in the New, Decentralized Brazilian Automotive Industry
Collier, Ruth (Poli-Sci) Revisiting Class Politics: Comparing Vote Cohesion between the Working Class and upper Sectors in Europe and Latin America
Dow, William  (Health Economics)/Dube, Arin (IRLE) Employer-Level Effects of An Employer Heath Spending Mandate
Elfenbein, Hillary (Haas) Professional Networks and Emotional Similarity
Fligstein, Neil (Sociology) The Determinants of Executive Compensation, 1982-2005
Guendelman, Sylvia (Public Health) Balancing Work and Family: The Relationship Between Pre and Postpartum Maternity Leave Arrangements and Breastfeeding
Haveman, Heather (Sociology) The Evolving Structure of Jobs in the U.S. Wine Industry
Lester, Gillian (Law) Employment law Treatise and the Rise of Apprenticeship
Levine, David (Haas) A Rigorous Impact Evaluation of Business Advisory Services to SME's
Nemeth, Charlan (Psychology) Fostering Creativity in Groups
Perloff, Jeffrey (Agricultural and Resource Economics) The Effect of 9/11 on Agricultural Labor Markets
Scheffler, Richard (Public Health) Berkeley Conference on Global Heath Workforce
Ulman, Lloyd (Haas) Fourth Germany U.S. Trade Union Conference
Voss, Kim (Sociology) 1) The Varying Meanings of Social Movement Unionism Across the Globe
2) The Immigration Protests of 2006: Lessons Learned, Future Trajectories
3) Rethinking Union Democracy
Walker, Richard (Geography) Living New Deal
Ziegler, Nicholas (Poli-Sci) Comparative Corporate Governance; Incentives, Complementarities, and Capabilities