2010-11 IRLE Faculty Research Grants


P.I. Name/Dept. Project Title
Blormraad, Irene and Cybelle Fox (Sociology)

Interdisciplinary Immigration Workshop

Bloom, Joan (Public Health) Exploring Professional Barriers to At-Home versus In-Clinic Dialysis for Patients in End-Stage Renal Failure
Brown, Clair (Economics) Developing Effective-Efficient Assessment for Small social Enterprises
Collier, Ruth (Political Science) Early Democratization and the Working Class
Ding, Waverly (Haas School of Business) A New Arena for Gender Differences in Scientific Careers?
Dow, William (Health Economics) Employer Responses to San Francisco's Paid Sick Leave Ordinance
Fligstein, Neil (Sociology) The Rise and Fall of the Mortgage Securitization
Haveman, Heather (Sociology) Women in Management
Johnson, Rucker (Public Policy) School Quality & the Long-run Effects of Head Start
Karabel, Jerome (Sociology) American Exceptionalism, Social Well-Being and the Quality of Life in the United States
Kray, Laura (Haas School of Business) Gender Discrimination in Negotiators' Ethical Decicion Making
Levine, David (Haas School of Business) Experimental Evidence on the Effect of Cal-OSHA Inspevtions on Employees and Employers
Lincoln, James (Haas School of Business) Structural Effects on Commitment, Statisfation and Quit Rates in Japanese and U.S. Organizations
Nemeth, Charlan (Psychology) Entrepreneurs, Hot Groups and Safe Environment Voice
Petersen, Trond (Sociology) Family and Careers
Voss, Kim (Sociology) 1) Democratic Dilemmas: Union Demcracy, Union Revitalization, and Political Institutions. 2) An Exploration of Latino Workers' Understanding of U.S. Social Hierarchy and their place in it. 3) Workshop on Work and Labor Transformation
Walker, Richard (Geography) California Studies Lectures & Dinners