2012-13 IRLE Faculty Research Grants


P.I. Name/Dept. Project Title
Anderson, Cameron (Haas)

Powerful Groups: Are the powerful less effective together?

Irene Blomraad/Cybil Fox (Sociology) Immigration and Redistributive Social Policy: Disenfranchisement, Threat or Fractionaalization?
Brown, Clair (Economics) Ready Made Online Tool for Impact Analysis
Karen Chapple (DCRP) Big Ideas for Job Creation
Fligstein, Neil (Sociology) The Banks Did It
Haveman, Heather (Sociology) A Contested Institution: Law Review vs. Interdisciplinary Legal Journals
Karabel, Jerome (Sociology) American Exceptionalism, Social Well-Being and the Quality of Life in the United States
Kray, Laura (Haas School of Business) Gender Composition, Communication Mode and Deception
Levine, David (Haas School of Business) Testing New Contracts for Saleswoment to Distribute New Products: Rural Uganda
Lincoln, James (Haas School of Business) Embedded and Strategic Alliance Formation in Japanese Keiretsu Networks
Sandra Susan Smith (Sociology) Working group on Poverty and Race
Sandra Susan Smith (Sociology) Negotiating Race on the Job in a Post-Racial society
Sandra Susan Smith (Sociology) Logics of Assistance: Why Job Contacts Help and Why they Don't
Voss, Kim (Sociology) Democratic Dilemas: Union Democracy and Union Renewal ; and: The New Stakeholders: The rise of independent contractors and part-time subcontractors in the college admission industry
Walker, Richard (Geography) California Studies Lecture and Dinner Series