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Bay Area Labor-Economic Digital Directory
San Francisco Bay Area resources, focusing on employment issues.
California Labor
This directory offers good media starting points for research about labor in California.
Digital Reference Library
There are several services that offer expert assistance to researchers. This directory lists the most prominent.
United States government, regulatory and legal resources pertaining to labor.
Guide to Electronic Journals in the Industrial Relations Field
A list of industrial relations journals that are available electronically (to UC Berkeley affiliates)
Labor Unions-International
Labor unions worldwide, along with international organizations.
Labor Unions - Unites States
The IRLE Library's exhaustive list of US unions.
Labor Education
A guide to labor studies programs at colleges and universities.
Labor Libraries
Libraries that focus on labor, and full-text print resources.
Labor News Sources
The following is a selected list of sites that cover labor news and developments.
Work and Career
A guide to employment information and career resources.

Berkeley Labor Guides

Alternative Forms of Ownership
Resources for workers and firms interested in models for employee participation and ownership
Corporate Search: An Online Guide

Workers' Rights: A Bibliography

Resources covering Global trade, employment and environmental issues
Immigration Resources
A multi-disciplinary guide to books, articles and Web resources about
Immigration issues.
Labor Culture
Selected guides to the art, culture and music of the Labor Movement

Temporary Workers

Union Organizing : A General Guide


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