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This guide was compiled from Melvyl's catalog database, which includes the holdings of the ten campuses of the University of California and several other contributing libraries. It also includes bibliographies of journal and newspaper articles on the subject of the contingent work force. Library researchers will need to obtain copies of the journal and newspaper articles at libraries that collect the titles cited; UC Berkeley holdings are for general convenience.

Journal Articles (Chronological order)

Mary Brophy Marcus.
"Making rounds: tips for temps." (companies are increasingly interested in interviewing temporary workers before they are hired, and such workers should handle the interviews as if they were for full-time,...) U.S. News &World Report v122, n11 (March 24, 1997):66.
Pub Type: Brief Article.

UCB Main
Moffitt Periodical
NewsMicro MICROFICHE 22957
John J. Lawrence
"Involving temporary workers in process improvement activities. Quality Progress v30, n2 (Feb, 1997):74 (4 pages).
UCB Engin TS156.A1 Q3

Kate Bronfenbrenner.
"Flesh Peddlers and Warm Bodies: The Temporary Help Industry and ItsWorkers." Industrial and Labor Relations Review v50, n2 (Jan, 1997):353 (2 pages).
Pub Type: Review.

UCB Bus&Econ HD6961 .I47
Bus&Econ HD6961 .I47 set 2
IIRL HD6961 .I47
Law Lib KB1.I42 ILRR

Harold P. Coxson
"NLRB to rule on unionizing temporary workers; NLRB's decision could affect survival strategies for unions, employers in global market." (Employment Law Special) National Law Journal v19, n26 (Mon, Feb 24, 1997):C4, col 1, 57 col in.

UCB Law Lib Case F, Drawer 9

Kim Girard
"Telecom managers dial up temps" (more telecommunications managers recruiting temporary workers). (Industry Trend or Event) Computerworld v30, n49 (Dec 2, 1996):28.

UCB Bus&Econ QA76 .C5816
Bus&Econ MICROFILM 2115

Julia King.
Court ruling spurs look at temporary workers." (federal appeals court rules temporary employees who worked at Microsoft between 1987 and 1990 are eligible for benefits). (Industry Trend or Event) Computerworld v30, n44 (Oct 28, 1996):8.

UCB Bus&Econ QA76 .C5816
Bus&Econ MICROFILM 21157

Kerry Hannon.
"The tempting life of a professional temp." (temporary workers). U.S. News & World Report v121, n17 (Oct 28, 1996):80 (2 pages).

UCB Main AQ U7
Moffitt Periodical
NewsMicro MICROFICHE 22957

"Temps win court ruling." (temporary workers hired by Microsoft between 1987 and 1990 to receive stock purchase, 401K benefits) (Company Business and Marketing) Computerworld v30, n42 (Oct 14, 1996):2.
Pub Type: Brief Article.

UCB Bus&Econ QA76 .C5816

Gary Weiss.
"Day labor: ready to work" (investing in Labor Ready, temporary agency specializing in blue-collar workers). Business Week, n3478 (June 3, 1996):108.
Pub Type: Brief Article.

UCB Bus&Econ MICROFILM 32749

"Want to be in a movie?" (MacAdam Media Services is Toronto's first employment agency that connects production companies to temporary and non-union workers) Maclean's v109, n17 (April 22, 1996):12.
Pub Type: Brief Article.

UCB Moffitt Periodical
NewsMicro MICROFICHE 22956
NewsMicro MICROFILM 30113

John Templeman.
"A continent swarming with temps." (rise in use of temporary workers in Europe) Business Week, n3470 (April 8, 1996):54.

UCB Bus&Econ MICROFILM 32749

Jan Larson.
"Temps are here to stay." (increase of temporary workers) (includes related article on life of ten-year temp) American Demographics v18, n2 (Feb, 1996):26 (6 pages).

UCB Bus&Econ HB3505 .A66
PubHealth UNCL

Catherine Walsh.
"Perspectives." (competing for a newspaper writing job with several other Temporary workers) America v173, n17 (Nov 25, 1995):7.
Pub Type: Column.

UCB Main AQ A4
Moffitt Periodical

Holly Idelson.
"Panel focuses on benefits, temporary workers." (immigration restrictions bill) Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report v53, n41 (Oct 21, 1995):3211 (2 pages).

UCB Bus&Econ JK1 .C15
GovSocSci JK1 .C15
IGS A0223
Law Lib KF49.C68
Main JK1 .C15
Moffitt JK1 .C15

Mike Peters.
"European Union seeks to protect temporary workers." Safety & Health v152, n2 (August, 1995):44 (3 pages).

UCB PubHealth HD7260 .N3

"Do temporary workers reduce the quality of the company?"
Quality Progress v28, n4 (April, 1995):26.

UCB Engin TS156.A1 Q3

Allison Thomson.
"The contingent workforce." (temporary workers)
Occupational Outlook Quarterly v39, n1 (Spring, 1995):45 (4 pages).

UCB Main HF5381 .U573

Robert E. Parker.
"Why temporary workers have become a permanent fixture."
Business and Society Review, n91 (Fall, 1994):36-41.

UCB Bus&Econ HD60.5.U5 B8551
HD60.5.U5 B8551
Law Lib KB1.B979 BSR

Carolyn Kenneck Manning.
"Food safety knowledge and attitudes of workers from institutional and temporary foodservice operations."
Journal of the American Dietetic Association v94, n8 (August, 1994):895 (3 pages).

UCB BioSci RM214 .A6
PubHealth UNCL

Dawn Kopecki.
"Temps' unemployment claims." (proposed law would reduce number of temporary workers' unemployment insurance claims)
Nation's Business v82, n8 (August, 1994):57.

UCB Main HF1 .N4
Moffitt Periodical
NewsMicro MICROFILM 1863 HF

Sara Collins & Monika Guttman.
"The new migrant workers." (temporary and part-time workers) (includes related article)
U.S. News & World Report v117, n1 (July 4, 1994):53 (3 pages). UCB Main AQ U7
Moffitt Periodical
NewsMicro MICROFICHE 22957

Dan Moreau.
"When temping is a permanent job: temporary workers get lower pay, skimpier benefits - and a foot in the door." (includes directory of national and international employment agencies that place temporary employees...)
Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine v48, n6 (June, 1994):95 (5 pages).

UCB Moffitt Periodical

Ann Crittenden.
"Temporary solutions." (increase in temporary and part-time workers)
Working Woman v19, n2 (Feb, 1994):32 (5 pages).

At UCB Moffitt Periodical

Christopher Cook.
"Temps - the forgotten workers; disposable employees." (temporary workers)
Nation v258, n4 (Jan 31, 1994):124 (5 pages).

UCB Main AQ N13
AQ N13 set2
Moffitt Periodical
NewsMicro MICROFILM 2202 AQ
NewsMicro MICROFICHE 22958

Jaclyn Fierman.
"The contingency work force." (increasing use of freelance workers, just-in-time employees, temporary executives and other kinds of alternatives to full-time, permanent workers)
Fortune v129, n2 (Jan 24, 1994):30 (6 pages). Pub Type: Cover Story.

UCB Law Lib KF1970.A1F6

"Other social insurance and veterans' programs."
(unemployment insurance, workers' compensation, temporary disability insurance, Black Lung benefits and veterans' benefits)
Social Security Bulletin v57, nSUPP (Annual, 1994):103-113.

UCB GovSocSci HD7123 .A72
IIRL HD7123 .A72
Law Lib KB1.S678 SSB
Main HD7123 .A72
PubHealth HD7123 .A72
S.Welfare HD7123 .A72

William Greider.
"The temporary miracle: how one good job becomes three lousy ones." (temporary and part-time workers)
Rolling Stone, n663 (August 19, 1993):32 (3 pages).

UCB Moffitt Periodical
NewsMicro MICROFILM 2266 AP
Period Room AP2 .R73

Alison Davis-Blake and Brian Uzzi.
"Determinants of employment externalization: a study of temporary workers and independent contractors. " (includes appendices)
Administrative Science Quarterly v38, n2 (June, 1993):195 (29 pages).

UCB Bus&Econ HD28 .A25
IIRL HD28 .A25
IISL Uncataloged
PubHealth HD28 .A25

Yinon Cohen and Yitchak Haberfeld.
"Temporary help service workers: employment characteristics and determination."
Industrial Relations v32, n2 (Spring, 1993):272-287.

UCB Bancroft 308m i4 ind University Archives
Bus&Econ HD6961 .I49
IGS A8299
IIRL HD6961 .I49
Law Lib KB1.I42 IR
Moffitt Periodical

Janice Castro.
"Disposable workers." (temporary employee
Time v141, n13 (March 29, 1993):42 (5 pages).

UCB Main AQ T45
Moffitt Periodical
NewsMicro MICROFILM 2525
NewsMicro MICROFICHE 25354

Marian Pierce.
"The temporary agricultural worker program and caribbean sugar cane workers."
Migration World Magazine v20, n5 (Nov-Dec, 1992):35 (2 pages).

UCB Chicano JV6001 .M588
Main JV6001 .M53
Moffitt Periodical
NewsMicro MICROFILM 71192

Mick Hans.
"Train temporary workers for continual safety."
Safety & Health v146, n5 (Nov, 1992):75 (2 pages).

UCB PubHealth HD7260 .N3

Lonnie Golden and Eileen Appelbaum.
"What was driving the 1982-88 boom in temporary employment workers or decisions and power of employers."
American Journal of Economics and Sociology v51, n4 (Oct, 1992):473 (21 pages).

UCB Bus&Econ H1 .A46
Moffitt Periodical

"Temporary help: the need is still there." (survey results show temporary workers hired to replace full-time employees)
Office v116, n4 (Oct, 1992):30 (2 pages).

UCB Main HF5547 .F4

Camille Colatosti.
"A job without a future: temporary and contract workers battle permanent insecurity."
Dollars & Sense n176 (May, 1992):9 (4 pages).

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UCB Bus&Econ HC106.7 .D64

Jeffery E. Struve.
"Making the most of temporary workers." (temporary worker program at Banc One Wisconsin Corp.)
Personnel Journal v70, n11 (Nov, 1991):43 (3 pages).

UCB Bus&Econ HF6301 .P4
IIRL HF6301 .P4
UCB PubHealth HF6301 .P4

Nancy Ten Kate.
"Here today gone tomorrow." (temporary office workers)
American Demographics v11, n12 (Dec, 1989):34 (2 pages).

UCB Bus&Econ HB3505 .A6
PubHealth UNCL

Michael Barrier.
"Temporary assignment: Guy Milner foresees a dynamic economy propelled by workers who haven't put down roots." (temporary employment )
Nation's Business v77, n10 (Oct, 1989):34 (3 pages). Pub Type: Biography.

UCB Main HF1 .N4
Moffitt Periodical
NewsMicro MICROFILM 1863 HF

Harry B. Williams.
"What temporary workers earn: findings from new BLS survey." (Bureau of Labor statistics)
Monthly Labor Review v112, n3 (March, 1989):3 (4 pages).

UCB Bus&Econ HD8051 .A35
GovSocSci HD8051 .A35
IIRL HD8051 .A35
Law Lib KB1.M789 MLR
Main HD8051 .A35
Moffitt Periodical

Roger Karraker.
"Demand for Mac-trained temp workers on the rise." (temporary)
MacWEEK v3, n6 (Feb 7, 1989):64.

Patty Miller.
"The Temp Worker's Handbook: How to Make Temporary Employment Work for You."
Library Journal v113, n20 (Dec, 1988):102. Pub Type: Review.

UCB Law Lib K662.A15L5
Main Z671 .L7
Z671 .L7 set 2
Z671 .L7
Z671 .L7 set 2


Newspaper Articles (Chronological order)

"Court to revisit benefits ruling." (appeals court to look at ruling that forced Microsoft Corp. to pay benefits to temporary and freelance workers)
New York Times v146 (Wed, Feb 12, 1997):C2(N), D2(L), col 4, 5 col in.

Burkins, Glenn.
"Temp workers may be able to join unions." (National Labor Relations Board may make it easier for temporary workers to join labor unions)
Wall Street Journal (Mon, Dec 2, 1996):A3(W), A3(E), col 4, 19 col in.

Hiday, Jeffrey L.
"Temporary workers reap higher pay; competition, changes in sector also boost benefits."
Wall Street Journal (Fri, Nov 8, 1996):B14A(W), B5C(E), col 1, 20 col in.

Coolidge, Shelley Donald.
"'Temping' is now a career - with an upside for workers." (new trend in temporary employment favors highly skilled, technologically proficient professionals)
Christian Science Monitor v88, n219 (Mon, Oct 7, 1996):1, col 2, 23 col in.

Bleakley, Fred R.
"Is manufacturing job loss overstated?" Use of temporary workers is distorting U.S. figures.
Wall Street Journal (Fri, Sept 20, 1996):B5C(W), B5A(E), col 3, 23 col in.

McDowell, Edwin.
"More work or less work can equal no time off; a vacation this year is out of the question for a growing number of American families." (corporate downsizing and increase in number of temporary workers means less money...)
New York Times v145 (Sat, July 6, 1996):17(N), 31(L), col 2, 31 col in.

Sneider, Daniel.
"California growers look south for more field hands." (farmers want Congress to allow illegal aliens from Mexico to enter state as temporary guest workers assure sufficient labor for the harvest)
Christian Science Monitor v88, n81 (Fri, March 22, 1996):1, col 2, 25 col in.

"Temporary workers' pay rises 2% since 1989."
Los Angeles Times v114 (Thu, Sept 7, 1995):D2, col 1, 1 col in.

Sharpe, Rochelle.
"A good temp is hard to find, due to low unemployment rates." (temporary workers)
Wall Street Journal (Tue, May 16, 1995):A1(W), A1(E), col 5, 3 col in.

Shellenbarger, Sue.
"When workers' lives are contingent on employers' whims." (part-time and temporary workers)
Wall Street Journal (Wed, Feb 1, 1995):B1(W), B1(E), col 1, 23 col in. Pub Type: Column.

Karr, Albert R.
"Temporary-help charges start to rise, spurred by climbing demand." (employers need for temporary workers rises)
Wall Street Journal (Tue, Feb 1, 1994):A1(W), A1(E), col 5, 5 col in.

Pearlstein, Steven.
"Business and the temp temptation: a permanent situation." (temporary workers)
Washington Post v116 (Wed, Oct 20, 1993):C11, col 3, 28 col in.

Sebastian, Pamela.
"Help wanted: employment agencies seek ways to weather work-force changes."
(personnel firms add or expand temporary help services to capitalize on trend to use part-time workers)
Wall Street Journal (Thu, August 05, 1993):A1(W), pA1(E), col 5, 3 col in. Pub Type: Column.

Kuttner, Robert.
"Lean firms leave people no safety nets." (government should create legislation for pensions, insurance and other benefits for temporary and freelance workers if corporations continue massive layoffs)
Los Angeles Times v112 (Sun, August 01, 1993):M5, col 1, 16 col in. Pub Type: Column.

Uchitelle, Louis.
"Use of temporary workers is on rise in manufacturing." (employers take advantage of 7% unemployment)
New York Times v142 (Tue, July 6, 1993):A1(N), A1(L), col 1, 28 col in.

Arnold, Michael S.
"Abuse of temporary workers compared to a 'sweatshop.' " (Office of Personnel Management Director, James B. King, criticizes use of temporary employees by federal agencies)
Washington Post v116 (Wed, June 23, 1993):A15, col 1, 10 col in.

Trost, Cathy.
"Holding the line: efforts to control labor costs continue as the economy waivers. "(companies report increasing temporary workers and decreasing their permanent workers)
Wall Street Journal (Tue, Oct 13, 1992):A1(W), A1(E), col 5, 3 col in.

Berck, Judith.
"Filling the gaps in the post-recession work force." (temporary workers; includes related articles)
New York Times v141, sec3 (Sun, April 26, 1992):F10(N), F10(L), col 1, 24 col in.

Holman, Richard L. "Temporary workers in Europe." (minimum guaranties for foreign labor) (World Wire)
Wall Street Journal (Fri, June 21, 1991):A10(W), A8(E), col 6, 3 col in.

Applegate, Jane.
"When the economy gets tough, smart firms get temporary workers." (column)
Washington Post v114 (Mon, Feb 18, 1991):WB7, col 1, 16 col in. Pub Type: Column.

Samuelson, Robert J.
"Temps: the new work force." (temporary workers) (column)
Washington Post v112 (Wed, July 12, 1989):A23, col 1, 23 col in. Pub Type: Column.

Kuttner, Robert.
"Business' new craving for cheap, disposable labor won't make U.S. competitive." (use of temporary workers will have long term costs)
Washington Post v112 (Wed, May 24, 1989):F3, col 1, 15 col in. Pub Type: Column.



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This book explores the theoretical and analytical issues of labor flexibility.
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Flesh Peddlers and Warm Bodies : the Temporary Help Industry and its Workers By Robert E. Parker. New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers University Press, c1994. Arnold and Caroline Rose monograph series of the American Sociological Association.

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Managing Contingent Workers: How to Reap the Benefits and Reduce the Risks. By Stanley Nollen and Helen Axel. New York : AMACOM, c1996.

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This report provides a statistical overview of the part-time workforce in Australia, including demographic characteristics, occupational structure, and general trends over the past 10 years. It also examines the characteristics of the jobs themselves, pa rticularly the benefits, conditions, and employment development opportunities associated with them. The various demand and supply factors contributing to the growth in part-time work are discussed and analyzed, and a number of policy issues are raised.
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Internet Resources

Army of temporary workers growing
(January 26, 1996, from correspondent John Metaxasm CNN) (7 Mar 97)

Coastal Post Article - Temporary Contingent Workers
October, 1995 by Karen Nakamura

Day Labor Research Institute
The Day Labor Research Institute conducts academic research into topics related to day laborers, and works cooperatively with various cities and counties, law enforcement, business, community, nonprofit organizations, existing day labor centers, and day laborers themselves to find solutions that fit each community.

Disposable Workers: An Overview of the Temporary Help Industry

FairJobs Org The North American Alliance for Fair Employment (NAFFE) is a network of organizations concerned about the growth of contingent work—including part-time jobs, temping, sub-contracting—and its impact on the well being of all workers.

Nonstandard Worker Project
National Employment Law Project’s - Nonstandard Worker Project seeks to ensure that all workers regardless of what their employer calls them – temp, independent contractor, part-timer – receive the full benefits of labor and employment laws

On The Corner: Day Labor in the United States
This report profiles, for the first time, the national phenomenon of day labor in the United States. Men and women looking for employment in open-air markets by the side of the road, at busy intersections, in front of home improvement stores and in other public spaces are ubiquitous in cities across the nation. The circumstances that give rise to this labor market are complex and poorly understood. In this report, we analyze data from the National Day Labor Survey, the first systematic and scientific study of the day-labor sector and its workforce in the United States.

US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics Contingent and Alternative Employment Arrangement Statistics

Workplace Fairness
Workplace Fairness is a non-profit organization that provides information, education and assistance to individual workers and their advocates nationwide and promotes public policies that advance employee rights.

Working Today
Working Today is a national nonprofit (501[c][3]) organization that represents the needs and concerns of America's growing independent workforce through advocacy, information and service. These independent workers—freelancers, consultants, independent contractors, temps, part-timers, contingent employees and the self-employed—currently make up about 30% of the nation's workforce.