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Library of Congress Subject Headings
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This bibliography provides a list of journal articles, books and Internet sites that will help researchers gain a general sense of labor literature. Many of the materials cited here will include their own bibliographies, which should also be consulted. Looseleaf publications of the Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. (BNA) contain many laws and regulations along with related case law about union matters, and are standard reference works.

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Collective labor agreements--Government employees--US
Industrial relations
Industrial relations--US
Labor laws and legislation--US
Labor laws and legislation--US-Cases
Labor and Laboring Classes--US-History.
Labor and laboring classes--US--History--Addresses, essays, lectures
Organizational behavior.
Psychology, Industrial.
Trade-unions--Government employees--Law and legislation--US
Trade unions--law and legislation--US
Trade-unions--Psychological aspects.
Trade--unions--US--Addresses, essays, lectures.

Journal Articles (Chronological Order)

Bernstein, Aaron.
"Big labor invites a few friends over: it's enlisting churches and other groups to lean on business." Business Week, n3523 (April 21, 1997):44.

Taylor, Leslie; Anderson, Doug; Colman, David.
"Student union."(graduate student organizing) Nation v263, n20 (Dec 16, 1996):5 (2 pages).

Lyncheski, John E.; McDermott, Joseph M.
Unions employ new growth strategies." (Organized Labor) HR Focus v73, n9 (Sept, 1996):22 (2 pages).

Rubinstein, Sidney P.; Ryan, John.
"Survival for quality and unions." Quality Progress v29, n7 (July, 1996):50 (4 pages).

"Union members: who they are, where they work, and what they earn." Monthly Labor Review v119, n5 (May, 1996):42 (2 pages).

Lerner, Stephen.
"Strategic labor organizing: how to win against the odds." Dollars & Sense, n205 (May-June, 1996):32 (6 pages).

Korman, Richard.
"A gung-ho soldier for organizing." (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers organizer Duane W. Moore)(Special Report: Construction's Next Generation)(Cover Story) ENR v236, n21 (May 27, 1996):42.

Birecree, Adrienne M.
"The importance and implications of women's participation in the 1989-90
Pittston Coal strike." Journal of Economic Issues v30, n1 (March, 1996):187 (24 pages).

Deshpande, Satish P.
"Factors influencing employee association members' votes for unionization." Journal of Psychology v129, n6 (Nov, 1995):621 (8 pages).

Northrup, Herbert R.
""Salting" the contractors' labor force: construction unions organizing with NLRB assistance." (National Labor Relations Board)(includes appendix) Journal of Labor Research v14, n4 (Fall, 1993):469 (24 pages).

Bartolomeo, Christina.
"Winning union campaigns."
Campaigns & Elections v14, n2 (June-July, 1993):24 (2 pages).

Defreitas, Gregory.
"Unionization among racial and ethnic minorities." Industrial and Labor Relations Review v46, n2 (Jan, 1993):284-301.

"Unions yes! (women in telecommunications industry)" Off our backs v22, n11 (Dec, 1992):2.

Jarley, Paul; Fiorito, Jack.
"Unionism and changing employee views toward work." Journal of Labor Research v12, n3 (Summer, 1991):223 (7 pages).

Rose, Joseph B.; Chaison, Gary N.
"New measures of union organizing effectiveness." Industrial Relations v29, n3 (Fall, 1990):457-468.

Dworkin, James B.; Fain, James R.
"Success in multiple union elections: exclusive jurisdiction vs. competition." Journal of Labor Research v10, n1 (Winter, 1989):91 (11 pages).

Heneman, Herbert G., III; Sandver, Marcus H.
"Union characteristics and organizing success." Journal of Labor Research v10, n4 (Fall, 1989):377 (13 pages).

Glasel, John.
"Unionization offers bonuses to employees." (letter to the editor) Wall Street Journal (Thu, Nov 17, 1988):A19(W), A23(E), col 2, 6 col in.


Newspaper Articles (Chronological Order)

Silverstein, Stuart; Rosenblatt, Robert A.
"Youthful drive; AFL-CIO hopes Union Summer will inspire new generation." (AFL-CIO plans program to train young activists in labor organizing) Los Angeles Times v115 (Thu, May 2, 1996):D1, col 2, 15 col in.

Hentoff, Nat.
"Don't mourn: organize." (union organizing) (Column) Washington Post v117 (Sat, Jan 29, 1994):A19, col 1, 14 col in.



Industrial Relations---background

Labor-Management Relations. By Daniel Quinn Mills. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1986.
This textbook contains brief outlines of the current American industrial relations system, the history of unionism, and the structure of the labor movement. Also included is information about the legal setting of unionizing, management and employees conc erns about unions, the collective bargaining process, labor in the private and public sectors, and an assessment of current labor-management relations.
LC headings: 1. Industrial relations--US 2. Industrial relations
IIRL HD8072.M54

Labor History

Labor in America, A History, 4th Edition. By Foster Rhea Dulles and Melvyn Dubofsky. Arlington Heights, IL: Harlan Davidson, Inc., 1984.
Recounts the history of American workers and their labor movements from colonial times to the mid-1980s.
LC headings: 1. Labor and Laboring Classes--US--History 2. Trade-Unions--U.S.--History
IIRL HD8066.D85

The Labor History Reader.
Edited by Daniel J. Leab. Urbana, IL: University of Illinois Press, 1985.
An historical account of labor and trade unions in the U.S. Certain industries and labor sectors are highlighted.
LC headings: 1. Labor and laboring classes--US--History--Addresses, essays, lectures 2. Trade-unions--US--Addresses, essays, lectures
IIRL HD8066.L32

Labor Laws

Labor Guide to Labor Law,3rd edition. By Bruce Feldacker. Reston, VA: Reston Publishing Company, Inc., 1990.
IIRL  KF3369.F44

Your rights in the workplace / by Barbara Kate Repa ; edited by Amy Delpo.
Berkeley, CA : Nolo, 2000
IIRL   KF3455.Z9.R47 2000 Reference

Federal Employment Laws: A Desk Reference / by Amy Delpo
Berkeley, CA : Nolo, 2002
IIRL KF3455.Z9.D45 2002 Reference

Everyday Employment Law: The Basics / by Lisa Guerin
Berkeley, CA : Nolo, 2004
IIRL KF3455.Z9.G84 2004 Reference

Cases and Materials on Labor Law, 10th edition. By Archibald Cox, Derek Curtis Bok, and Robert A. Gorman. Mineola, NY: The Foundation Press, Inc., 1986.
This is a book of court cases from early days of labor movement from the early days to the mid-1980s.
LC headings: 1. Labor laws and legislation--US--Cases
IIR KF3318.C6

Collective Bargaining Negotiations and Contracts. Washington, DC: Bureau of National Affairs, Inc.
Volume 1 contains techniques and trends and current settlements. Volume 2 contains basic patterns and a clause finder.
IIR HD6483.C6 v.1 and v.2

Labor Guide to Labor Law, 3rd edition. By Bruce Feldacker. Reston, VA: Reston Publishing Company, Inc., 1990.
This is a guide to understanding and interpreting labor law. It discusses regulation of labor-management relations, the collective bargaining unit, union organizing rights and employer response, protection of employees' rights to union representation, th e duty to bargain, and rights and responsibilities of union members. It's easy to read and laid out somewhat like a textbook.
LC headings: 1. Labor laws and legislation--US 2. Trade unions--law and legislation--US
IIR KF3369.F44

Labor Relations Reporter: State Laws. Washington, DC: Bureau of National Affairs, Inc.
This looseleaf legal set contains texts of state labor laws.
IIR HD4815.L3 v.4 and v.4A

Organizing and the Law, 4th edition. By Stephen I. Schlossberg and Judith A. Scott. Washington, DC: Bureau of National Affairs, Inc., 1991.
IIR KF3400.S3

Public Employee Organizing and the Law. By Michael T. Leibig and Wendy L. Kahn. Washington, DC: Bureau of National Affairs, Inc., 1987.
This book outlines the tools of the public sector organizer and the rules of public sector organizing. It discusses labor relations models, union advocacy, public employee rights, and local and state level statutory structures.
LC headings: 1. Collective labor agreements--Government employees--US 2. Trade-unions--Government employees--Law and legislation--US
IIR KF3409.P77L45

Union Labor Report. Washington, DC: Bureau of National Affairs, Inc.
This looseleaf legal set contains labor law texts and rules pertaining to many aspects of union operations.
IIR At Reference Desk.

US Labor and Employment Laws. Edited by Ruth Clarke West. Washington, DC: Bureau of National Affairs, Inc., 1991. A compilation of selected statutes which set forth the basic rights and obligations of employers and employees in both the public and private sectors.
IIR KF3306


Why Unions Matter / by Michael D. Yates
Monthly Review Press, New York, 1998
IIRL HD6508.Y38 1998

Organizing to Win: New Research on Union Strategies
Ithaca, N.Y. : ILR Press, 1998
IIRL HD6490.O72.U66 1998

The New Upsurge: Labor and  the New Social Movements / by Dan Clawson
Ithaca, N.Y. : ILR Press, 2003
IIRL HD6490.O72.U633 2003

The Union Member’s complete guide : Everything You Want-and need- to Know About Working Union / by Michael Mauer
Annapolis, MD : Union Communication Services, Inc., 2001
HD6511.M38 2001 Reference

Troublemaker’s Handbook 2; How to fight Back Where You Work and Win / edited by Jane Slaughter
Detroit, MI : Labor Notes, 2005

Organizing for social change : Midwest Academy manual for activists, 3rd edition/ Kim Bobo, Jackie Kendall, Steve Max.
Santa Ana, Calif. : Seven Locks Press,  2001
Bus & Econ  JC328.3.B632 2001

Organizing: one woman's experience: a field guide for community workers. By Theresa Freeman. Barre, VT: Vermont Toxic Education Project, 1991.
UC Davis Shields Library

Union organizing and staying organized. By Ken Gagala. Reston, VA: Reston Publishing Company, Inc., 1983.
UCB IIR HD6490.O7.G3

Psychological aspects

The Union and Its Members: A Psychological Approach. By Julian Barling, Clive Fullagar, E. Kevin Kelloway. New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 1992.
This book provides a psychological understanding of what is referred to as the "unionization process."
LC headings: 1. Trade-unions--Psychological aspects 2. Psychology, Industrial 3. Organizational behavior
IIR HD6490.P78.B37

Unionizing for specific populations

Organizing Asian Pacific workers in Southern California. Los Angeles, CA: UCLA Institute of Industrial Relations, 1988.
UC Davis Shields Library
UC Riverside Rivera Library
UC Santa Barbara Main Library

Pride at Work: Organizing for Lesbian and Gay Rights in Unions. By Miriam Frank and Desma Holcolm. New York, NY: Lesbian and Gay Labor Network, 1990.
UC Irvine Main Library


How Management Wins Union Organizing Campaigns. By Alfred T. DeMaria. New York, NY: Executive Enterprises Publications Company, Inc., 1980.
Written to an audience who wishes to deter union organizing, this book describes tactics of union organizers as perceived by management and offers advice about legal rights and responsibilities. Because the book comes from management's perspective, it mi ght be used to understand how management reacts and which strategies management is receptive to.
IIR HD8072.D4

Unionization and Deunionization: Strategy, tactics, and outcomes. University of South Carolina Press, 1990.
This book provides a theoretical framework, strategic choice processes in unions, and employer strategy formulation. It also discusses implementation strategies in non-union settings.
IIR HD6490.D72U648


Internet Resources

AFL-CIO, American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations
The American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) is the voluntary federation of America's unions, representing more than 9 million working women and men nationwide.

American Rights at Work
Since 2003, American Rights at Work has informed the American public about the struggle to win workplace democracy for nurses, cooks, computer programmers, retail cashiers, and a variety of workers who we all depend on every day.

Five Basic Steps to Organizing a Union
Although every workplace is different and the needs of workers vary, there are some basic steps involved in winning a union voice on the job.

California Department of Industrial Relations
California Labor Laws, statistics, Occupational Safety, Worker Compensation, Labor Standards Information.

California Public Employee Relations Board
The Public Employment Relations Board (PERB or Board) is a quasi-judicial administrative agency charged with administering the collective bargaining statutes covering employees of California's public schools, colleges, and universities, employees of the State of California, employees of California local public agencies (cities, counties and special districts), trial court employees and supervisory employees of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Institute of Industrial Relations Library: Labor Research Portal
offers great links to union sites, US government sites, California sites, labor and public policy sites, and more!

Resources for Labor Union Organizing
Resources for Labor Union Organizing website is designed to provide help to U.S. Workers in their efforts at organizing themselves and their co-workers into labor unions.  It is also a resource for Union Leaders to assist in their operations, organizing, and bargaining efforts.

United States National Labor Relations Board
The National Labor Relations Board is an independent federal agency created by Congress in 1935 to administer the National Labor Relations Act, the primary law governing relations between unions and employers in the private sector.