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CityLink 2000
With the Internet version of CityLink, it is possible to search state and federal legislation.
CNN/Time Allstar Politics
National Journal
National Journal's Cloakroom

U.S. Government Sites

Bureau of the Census
news and information from the U.S. Bureau of the Census.
Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)
Bureau of International Labor Affairs (ILAB)
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Principal fact-finding agency for FederalGovernment; field of labor economics and statistics; disseminates economic and statistical data to American public, Federal Agencies, business and labor. Also Statistical data, publications and research papers are all available here.
Bureau of Labor Statistics Data
Compilation of BLS Data; Most Requested Series; Selected Access; News Releases; Series Report, and Economy at a Glance; Employment and Unemployment Statistics.
Center for the Study of Intelligence
Code of Federal Regulations
Code of federal regulations ---- Searchable.
Employment Standards Administration (ESA)
Employment and Training Administration (ETA)
Library of Congress Home Page
Mine Safety and Health Administration
Office of Personnel Management (OPM)
Office of Policy
U.S. Social Security Administration

Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO)
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
Working Partners for an Alcohol- and Drug-Free Workplace


  • House of Representatives WWW Services
    Students needing information on the legislative process for school could not find a better source. All the committees, Legislations, and of course, the congressional members are accesible here. You can search alphabetically by name or state. However, only postal or "snail-mail" addresses are provided. you can also get to the house e-mail gopher, but it looks like an antique.
  • The U.S. Senate WWW Server
    This is a lot like the House of Representative's server legislatively, but it offers more. The "gallery" link allows you to pursue the senate art gallery and see photos of all the senators. even more impressive is the virtual tour of the halls of the congress.
Congressional Contact Information.
Look up your reps' phone number, send them an e-mail message, or visit their Web pages
Congressional Information Service.
CIS is an international publisher of reference, research, and current awareness information products and services.
Congressional Quarterly
Department of Agriculture
You might be surprised by some of the offices under the auspices of the USDA, including the Forestry Service and the Department of Natural Resources. You can even link to the USDA's own Graduate School.
Department of Commerce --D.O.C HomePage
Department of Commerce: Stat-USA
The D.O.C. calls this "the world's largest resources of trade, business and economic information." It's a great place for research with statistical data on foreign and domestic economy and a daily economic report. You can also order Commerce publications.
Department of Education
Find out about grants, contracts, and any of the Secretary's initiatives like goals 2000; School-to-Work; Direct loans; Safe, Disciplined, and Drug-free Schools; and the individuals with Disability Education Act (IDEA).
Department of Health and Human Services
This site has access to information on all HHS programs, including the National Institude of Health, the Food and Drug Administration, and Administration on Aging. Consider this site a terrific resourse for informationabout the laws and regulations affecting people with disabilities.
    Center for Substance Abuse Prevention's Division of Workplace Programs
    The Workplace Managed Care Substance Abuse Prevention and Early Intervention Project is designed to investigate which managed care substance abuse prevention and early intervention programs implemented in the workplace are effective in reducing the incidence and prevalence of substance abuse, and to disseminate the findings from these investigations.

Department of Housing and Urban Development
Community planning agencies can use this site to download information and access fair housing laws.
Department of Justice
Attorney General Janet Reno's Justice Department is accessible here. View press releases and link up with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Drug Enforcement Administration, or any of the other Justice divisions.
Department of Labor
The DOL has information on labor law and trends. There is informatoin here on grants and government labor contracts and, if you are searching for a job, check out America's Job Bank. (Family Medical Leave Act)
Department of Transportation
Check out the latest from the Federal Aviation Administration, the Federal Highway Administration, the Federal Railroad Administration, the National Highway traffic Safety Administration, and more. (DOT Drug Testing)
Division of State Architect
EDGAR: U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Equal Employment Opportunity Commision
Includes the text of each statute enforced by EEOC with a list of publications and required posters.
Employment Statistics
Contains numerous statistical programs for analyzing employment data for discrimination.
Federal Election Commission
Find out about the laws and rules regulations of Finance and contributions. You can also download the national mail-in voter registration form.
The Federal Justice Center
The FJC site is extensive. Here you can get information on entire system, including the Supreme Court. One unique feature is the telephone directory with office and fax numbers for every section of the center, including the directors office. You can also order from an extensive catalog of FJC publications.
GPO — Federal Register
Federal Register (1991-Present) and other GPO docs.
FedWorld Information Network
(Links to U.S. Government information servers and other government information.)
FLITE U.S. Supreme Court Decisions (1937-1975)
The Government Printing Office
The Library of Congress Home Page
This site has links to all the congressional sites and other government sites. The National Digital Library, Library Reading Rooms, and access to copyright laws and information make this a useful site allowing researchers to access the library services.
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
(Publications, fact sheets, statistics, etc. put out by the Administration are available on this site.)
(Oshadata maintains a Web information service that compiles OSHA violation records for every employer inspected by the government. Free quarterly reports and several reference documents are also available.)
Social Security On Line
All SSA questions can be answered here. There is a special feedback Section for mailing complaints and problems regarding program benefits. There is a great deal of statistical data here and there are explanations of benefits and programs in Spanish.
Business and Economic information produced by U.S. Department of Commerce; crucial, timely information from over 50 Federal agencies distributed from this central source.
Thomas: The U.S. Congress
Named after Thomas Jefferson, this site allows researchers to analyze legislation in the making and the voting records of the bills. It's a good use of the Library of Congress' resources. This site is easy to get around in and you can download the constitution.
USA JOBS - Office of Personnel Management Employment Information
US Census Bureau — the Official Statistics
State and Local government structure, Finance Data, State Tax collections, Public Employment, Payroll.
U.S. Code
Full U.S. Code — Seachable.
U.S. Court of appeal for 9th Circuit

California Sites

Association of Bay Area Governments, Oakland
California Bills
Full text of bills, resolutions, and constitutional amendments, including status, history, votes, analyses, and veto Messages.
California Codes
Organized by Code subject.
California Department of Corporations, Sacramento
California Department of Finance, Sacramento
California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection
The California Department of Industrial Relations
(A fast-growing site with interesting statistical information.)
California Department of Personnel Administration
California Department of Transportation
California Department of Water Resources
California Electronic Government Information
California Employment Law Monitor
This biweekly newsletter is written by the law firm of Littler Mendelson and Published by M. Lee Smith Publishers in Brentwood, Tenn.
California Energy Commission
The California Health Policy and Data Advisory Commission
The California Home Page

California Housing Finance Agency, Sacramento
California Judicial Branch
California Law library

  • California Codes
    California statues organized by subject alphabetically.
  • California Legislative Information
    A reference system that can be used to find state bills, California laws, the state constitution, or legislative rules.
  • California State Government Network
    The most robust but often slow reference tool to state government materials on the internet.
  • California State Senate
    Follow the action of bills pending in the state senate, or contact your local senator's office.
  • California State Assembly
    Follow the action of bills pending in the state senate, or contact your local assemblyperson's office.
  • Public Utilities Commission
    Follow the actions and issues confronting the Public Utilities commission, including tracking the Commission's agenda.

California Law Revision Commission, Palo Alto
California Legislative Analyst's Office
California Legislative Counsel's Official Legislative WWW Site
Features a schedule of legislative activities, full hypertext searching of bills, laws, and the state constitution.
California National Guard, Sacramento
California Postsecondary Education Commission, Planning agency, Sacramento
California Public Employees' Retirement System
California Secretary of State
California State Assembly
California State Auditor
California State Association of Counties
California State Bar
General information about the Bar. Contains California Rules of Professional Conduct, State Bar Act, related Rules of Court, and MCLE rules and regulations.
California State Board of Equalization
California State Controller
California State Government Network (CSGNet)
California State Government, Sacramento
California State Lands Commission
California State Senate
California State Treasurer
California Trade and Commerce Agency, Sacramento
California Water Page
Department of Water Resources and Office of Water Education
Census Bureau
One of the most extensive sites in the Net.
Superintendent of Public Instruction: Department of Education
State of California Judicial Branch
Links to California courts with Web sites.
State Information (50 States)
Links to Web sites of all 50 states – coverage of law varies.
The State of California Judicial Branch

Legal Resources

All Law Home Page
contains thousands of general interest and legal links on the Web and features a powerful search engine for Federal and state law as well as one for general resources. Looking for a law school? Or a court decision? Well, this site should help you get there.
The American Civil Liberties Union Freedom Network
(The ACLU's web site offers a thorough guide to its many initiatives, workplace rights among them.)
Cornell University Legal Information Institute
(A website with links to all kinds of legal information.)
Counsel Connect Web
Updated daily, This site provides links to current legal topics and updates on high profile cases. Click on the law links and access law libraries and court decisions. Use Lawyers search to obtain Quick Requests for Proposals.
Employee Relations Web Picks
(A large collection of links related to labor law.)

U.S. Laws and Legislation
Full U.S. Code — Searchable.
Code of Federal Regulations
Code of federal regulations – Searchable.
Department of Commerce
Federal Judiciary
A clearinghouse for information from and about the Judicial Branch of the U.S. Government.

Federal Register (1991-Present) and other GPO docs.
(Findlaw, sponsored in part by Stanford, is a rapidly growing collection of indexes to legal information. It also includes a searchable full text database of law journals on the Internet.)
GPO — Federal Register
Labor & Employment Law Group
(A free service of Ross Runkel Labor Law Page)
This Firm offers CD-ROM guides to preparing and employee handbook, hiring independent contractors and drafting employment and termination agreements. The guides include both California and Federal Law.
National Labor Relations Board
West Publishing
(A provider of legal information in various forms.)

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