Former IRLE Director Clair Brown Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Clair Brown has been selected to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA). Clair is a Professor of Economics and a past IRLE Director. The award recognizes Clair's career-spanning intellectual contributions to the disciplines of economics and industrial relations. Since LERA is the preeminent academic association for researchers who study labor, employment and the workplace, this award is a great honor, and IRLE extends its warm congratulations to Clair. The award will be conferred in January 2011 in Denver, at the annual meeting of LERA.

"The IRLE community has greatly benefited from Clair's vigorous involvement in the community over the years, not only from the stature of her scholarship and but from her leadership over time," said Michael Reich, Professor of Economics and IRLE Director. "Her work has had especially significant impacts on research about the semiconductor industry, as well as the historical record of American standards of living in the 20th century. Professor Brown has also kept very strong academic ties with respected prominent faculty in Japan, South Korea and throughout Asia, and maintained long-term research partnerships with the Sloan Foundation and other major foundations.

Past recipients of the LERA Lifetime Achievement Award include George Strauss (Emeritus, Haas School of Business); Clark Kerr (Professor of Economics and past President of the University, d. 2003); and David Brody (Emeritus, History, UC Davis).

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