Laura Kray

Current Research and Interests

  • Negotiation
  • Gender Stereotypes
  • Counterfactual mind-sets
  • Group decision making
  • Organizational justice

Selected Papers and Publications

Markman, K. D., Lindberg, M. J., Kray, L. J., & Galinsky, A. D. (In press). " 'If only I had versus if only I had not': Implications of counterfactual structure for creative generation and analytical problem solving." Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

Kray, L. J., Galinsky, A. D., & Wong, E. (2006). "Thinking inside the box: The relational processing style elicited by counterfactual mind-sets." Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 91, 33-48.

Reb, J., Goldman, B. M., Kray, L. J., & Cropanzano, R. (2006). "Different wrongs, different remedies? Reactions to organizational remedies after procedural and interactional injustice." Personnel Psychology, 59, 31-64.

Kray, L. J., & Thompson, L. (2005). "Gender stereotypes and negotiation performance: A review of theory and research." In B. Staw & R. Kramer (Eds.), Research in Organizational Behavior Series, 26, 103-182.

Haines, E. L., & Kray, L. J. (2005). "Self-power associations: The possession of power affects women's self-concepts." European Journal of Social Psychology, 35, 643-662.

Kray, L. J., Thompson, L., & Lind, E. A. (2005). "It's a bet! A problem solving approach promotes the construction of contingent agreements." Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 31, 1039-1051.