Dylan Riley


Dylan Riley is a comparative historical and political sociologist. He is currently working on a book proposing a Gramscian alternative to neo-Tocquevillian theories of civil society. The central argument is that the development of voluntary associations was a central cause of the rise of fascist and authoritarian regimes in inter-war Italy and Spain. He is also working on two further projects. The first is a book (under contract with the Rose monograph series of the ASA) on the historical construction of official statistics (with Rebecca Emigh and Patricia Ahmed). The second is an essay with (Juan Fernandez of UCB) which investigates the relationship between authoritarian party formation, and post-authoritarian political mobilization. He has published articles in the American Sociological Review, Comparative Studies in Society and History, the Socio-Economic Review and Comparative Sociology.


"Civic Associations and Authoritarian Regimes in Inter-War Europe: Italy and Spain in Comparative Perspective." American Sociological Review. 70: 288-310. 2005.

"Property and Privilege: The Political Foundations of Failed Class Formation in Eighteenth-Century Austrian Lombardy." Comparative Studies in Society and History. 45: 190-213, 2003.

"Post Colonial Journeys: Historical Roots of Immigration and Assimilation." Comparative Sociology 1: 169-191, 2002 (with Rebecca Emigh).

"Explaining Macro-Regional Trends in Global Income Inequalities, 1950-2000." Socio-Economic Review forthcoming (2nd author with 1st author Michael Mann).

"The Passive Revolutionary Route to the Modern World: Italy and India in Comparative Perspective." Comparative Studies in Society and History forthcoming (with Manali Desai).

"The Enigma of Fascism." Review essay New Left Review. 30: 134-147, 2004.

Review of Defending Democracy: Reactions to Extremism in Interwar Europe by Giovanni Capoccia. Democratization. 2006. 13 (2): 349-351.

"Political Parties." Forthcoming in the Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology.

"Comment On: The Politics of Method and the Human Sciences. Positivism and its Epistemological Others." Forthcoming in Social Science History.

"Waves of Historical Sociology." Forthcoming in International Journal of Comparative Sociology.

Work In Progress:

The Civic Foundations of Fascism. Draft Manuscript.

Knowledge Production or Construction?: A Comparative Analysis of Census Taking in the West. (with Rebecca Jean Emigh and Patricia Ahmed) Book contract with the Rose Monograph Series of the American Sociological Association, Manuscript in progress (drafts completed of chapters 2, 3 and 4).

"Fascism, Authoritarianism and Post-Authoritarian Democracy" (with Juan Fernandez). Under Review at Politics and Society.