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Second Interim Report
Clair Brown, Editor

7. Skills and Work Tasks

APPENDIX 7-1. Equipment Maintenance Activities

High-Level (weight 3) Medium-Level (weight 2) Low-Level (weight 1)
a. Perform Annual Equipment Maintenance a. Produce Checklists for Inspecting Equipment a. Daily or Weekly Inspection
b. Know Relation between Equipment Precision and Product Quality b. Perform Weekly Equipment Maintenance b. Document Equipment Breakdowns
c. Ability to Repair Equipment c. Perform Monthly Equipment Maintenance c. Able to Recognize and Document Equipment Abnormalities
d. Perform Analyses of Equipment Breakdowns d. Perform Use-Based Equipment Maintenance d. Perform Daily Equipment Maintenance
e. Modify Equipment to Improve Process Yield e. Draft Equipment Clean/Maint. Procedures for Routine Activities e. Clean and/or Lubricate Equipment
f. Modify Equipment for Easier Inspection and Maintenance f. Attend Equipment Inspec./Maint. Classes Offered by Vendor  
g. Analyze and Improve Equipment Clean/Maint. Activities g. Ownership of Individual Equipment or Equipment Type  
h. Find Ways to Reduce Equipment Set-Up/Adjustment Time h. Knowledge of Function and Structure of Equipment  
i. Find Ways to Increase the Life Span of Equipment i. Ability to Replace Simple Equipment Parts  
j. Find Ways to Reduce Unexpected Equipment Breakdowns j. Authorized to Take Corrective Action on Equipment  
k. Find Ways to Reduce Equipment Particle Generation k. Train Peers in Equipment Inspection, Maint. or Cleaning Procedures  
l. Set Specific Goals for Reducing Equipment Non-Operating Time l. Train Subordinates in Equipment Inspection, Maint. or Cleaning Procedures  
m. Set Specific Goals for Defect Reduction    

APPENDIX 7-2. SPC Activities

High-Level (weight 3) Medium-Level (weight 2) Low-Level (weight 1)
a. Plan Action based on Control Charts a. Cp and Cpk a. X-Bar, R
b. Cause-and-Effect or "Fishbone" Diagrams b. Flow Charts and/or Histograms b. X-Bar, S
c. Deming Cycle (plan-do-check-act) c. Brainstorming c. p-charts
d. Pareto-Problem ID d. Train Others in SPC Methods d. Manual Control Charts
e. Pareto-Cost   e. Quality Data-Computer
f. QC or QI story   f. Manual Gather Data
g. Communicate with Customers    
h. Communicate with Suppliers/Vendors    


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