Newspaper Articles and Newsletters

The New York Times
The New York Times provides stories on the latest developments.

Center for Immigration Studies
Provides daily and weekly news on immigration issues, as well as announcements about upcoming events/conferences. They also provide overseas news about immigration.

Citizenship, Democracy and Ethnocultural Diversity
Quarterly electronic newsletter on that lists upcoming conferences, recent publications (books and journal symposia), internet resources, and related research projects. Subscription is free. Simply send a message to All of the back-issues of the newsletter are posted at:

Contemporary Perspectives on Immigration
Weekly column. News of upcoming events:

NELP - National Employment Law Project
Under the Immigrant Employment Rights Discussion Group, news, job announcements, and queries and discussions from legal practitioners is provided.

Migration News - out of UC Davis.
Migration News summarizes the most important immigration and integration developments of the preceding quarter.

New America Media
New America Media provides news coverage on immigration and ethnic media article on immigration policy and its impact on immigrants’ everyday lives. It also has newsletters.

Asian Migration News
Asian Migration News is a bi-weekly information service aimed at providing scholars, policy makers, advocates, and students with a summary of news and events related to migration in Asia.

Interdisciplinary Immigration Workshop
UC Berkeley Department of Sociology Institute for Research on Labor and Employment