Fall 2010 Workshop Meeting Schedule

The workshop schedule for the Fall 2010 semester follows below. All interdisciplinary workshop meetings are on Fridays, 1-2:30pm, in 420 Barrows (the sociology department library room, behind the department office), unless otherwise specified.

September 10, 2010
More than a Feeling: Mexico’s Economically Driven Creation of Transnational Citizenship Against General Retrenchment of Welfare States
Presenter: Joanna
Discussant: Irene

September 24, 2010
Youth Violence in “Next” Generation Latinos: Examining Social Isolation and Support Structures of Immigrant Families in the Urban Context Abstract
Presenter: Maria Rendon
Discussant: David Pieper
Professional development: Publications

October 8, 2010
Citizenship as a Family Affair
Presenter: Alex Street

Chapter from “Conceptualizing the Migration Industry: The Role of Recruitment and Placement Agencies in the Migration System”
Presenter: Kristel Acacio
Discussant: Andrej Milivojevic

October 22, 2010
Undocumented Immigrant Youth Exerting Political Agency: An Analysis of Youth Organizing Networks and Collective Mobilizations
Presenter: Kevin Escudero
Discussant: Yang Lor

Describing Immigrants’ Use of Independent Development Accounts to Acquire Assets
Presenter: Joanna Doran
Discussant: Cybelle Fox

Novenber 5, 2010
"This is a question that is becoming a bit political": Emigration from Socialist Croatia, 1961-1981
Presenter: Andrej Milivojevic
Discussant: Mireille Paquet

Racial Uniform: Japanese Americans and the Dilemmas of Assimilation
Presenter: Dana Nakano
Discussant: Charlotte

Novenber 19, 2010
Equitable participation and adaptation in a community-based participatory research partnership with Chinese immigrant workers
Presenter: Charlotte Chang
Discussant: Kristel Acacio

Cultural and Linguistics Rights of Indigenous Mexican Communities in California, USA and their access to health services
Presenter: Gisela
Discussant: Fabiana Silva

December 3, 2010
The Canadian Mosaic of Reception: Provincial Integration Regime
Presenter: Mireille Paquet
Discussant: Alex Street

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