Fall 2013 Workshop Meeting Schedule

The workshop schedule for the Fall 2013 semester follows below. All interdisciplinary workshop meetings take place in Barrows 420 from 12:00 - 1:30pm, unless otherwise specified.

September 27, 2013
Presenter: Esther Cho/ Discussant: Mayra Feddersen
Title: Co-Ethnic Networks and Undocumented Work: A Comparative Analysis of Asian and Latino Undocumented Young Adults.

October 11th
Presenter: Andy Chang/ Discussant: Vasanthi Venkatesh
Title: Hong Kong and Migrant Workers

Presenter: Vasanthi Venkatesh/ Discussant: Andy Chang
Title: Close to Slavery, Far from Justice? Courts and Guest Workers’ Rights to Labour Mobility

Presenter: Dani Carrillo/ Discussant: Jason Scott
Title: Ethnic Exclusion in France: Evidence From Trajectories and Origins Data

November 8th
Presenter: Tristan Ivory/ Discussant: Fumi Minamikawa
Title: Marriage as a Social Resource: Distinctions Among Immigrants in Japan

Presenter: Christian Phillips/ Discussant: Robin Savinar
Title: Double Binds and Triple Threats: Race, Gender and Immigration in American Electoral Politics

November 22nd
Presenter: Robin Savinar/ Discussant: Sakinah Suttiratana
Title: Governance Matters: The Political Determinants of Migration Intentions in Latin America.

Presenter: Jenna Carlsson/ Discussant: Dani Carrillo

December 6th
Presenter: Saima Akhtar/ Discussant: Sun Kim
Title: Fordism, Corporate Empire, and the Making of Immigrant Detroit, 1914-1955

Presenter: Paulette Cha/ Discussant: TBA
Title: Examining Dietary Changes Among Immigrants: A Cross-Sectional Analysis Using the New Immigrant Survey


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