Spring 2011 Workshop Meeting Schedule

The workshop schedule for the Spring 2011 semester follows below. All interdisciplinary workshop meetings are on Fridays, 1-2:30pm, in 420 Barrows (the sociology department library room, behind the department office), unless otherwise specified.

January 21, 2011
Race, Immigration, and the American Welfare State: Blacks, Mexicans, and European Immigrants From the Progressive Era to the New Deal
Presenter: Irene Bloemraad

February 4, 2011
Children of Mexican Immigrants: Crisis and Opportunity
Presenter: Sandra Nichols
Discussant: Sun Kim

Pathways to Success: Immigrants' Experiences in an Asset Building Program for Low Income Workers (Prospectus)
Presenter: Joanna Doran
Discussant: Marine Dhermy

February 18, 2011
Sharp Exclusion or Disciplinary Inclusion? : Dynamics of Boundary-Making Process in 22 OECD Countries
Presenter: Sun Kim
Discussant: Joanna Doran

Transnational party-building in post-Yugoslav Croatia and Serbia
Presenter: Sarah Garding
Discussant: Andrej Milivojevic

March 18, 2011
Social policy, economic conflicts and prejudice ? Is prevention really better than cure?
Presenter: Boris Heizmann
Discussant: Andrej Milivojevic

Pakistani Before Muslim: The Fracturing of Identity and the Challenge of Community Coherence
Presenter: Tamera Lee Stover
Discussant: Orlando Javier Trujillio

April 18, 2011
The Magic Lure: Undocumented Immigration and the Battle to Reform Welfare
Presenter: Hana Brown
Discussant: Sun Kim

Third Countries and the Control of International Migration
Presenter: Eleanor Taylor-Nicholson
Discussant: Alvaro Oliveira

April 22, 2011
Interview schedule of extraterritorial Croatian voters in the US
Presenter: Sarah Garding
Discussant: Angela Fulligm

Dissertation prospectus
Presenter: Angela Fulligm
Discussant: Sarah Garding

Understanding the Plight of Undocumented Immigrant Students: Rethinking and Reworking Paradigms of Immigration, Citizenship and Social Movements
Presenter: Kevin Escuadero
Discussant: Tamera Lee Stover

April 29, 2011
Remittances in a Socialist Economy: The Case of Yugoslavia
Presenter: Andrej Milivojevic
Discussant: Sarah Garding

Behind Colombian Political Networks in Paris, Caracas, and New York: Leaders' Experiences as Immigrants and Builders of Transnational Solidarity
Presenter: Orlando Javier Trujillo
Discussant: Eleanor Taylor-Nicholson

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