August 7, 2009: International Migration Section Mini-Conference:
"Making Connections"

For more on the conference, including notes taken at all the roundtables and sessions, please click here.

The International Migration section is delighted to host the first-ever IM "Making Connections" mini-conference this summer!

"Making Connections" aims to engage migration researchers from all career stages in sustained conversation on common interests and to provide an opportunity to make new connections.

The conference will run a full day, with two sets of morning roundtables, a keynote luncheon panel on "(How) Can Social Scientists Affect Future Immigration Policy?" and a special afternoon panel on "Comparative Migration and Integration: Empirical and Conceptual Contributions beyond the US."

Morning roundtables will focus on the nuts and bolts of conducting migration research and substantive migration topics. Rather than traditional paper presentations, roundtables will be presided over by experts on the topic who will provide short syntheses of the field or offer concrete tips from their own experiences. Presiders will then moderate a broad conversation among all participants at the table.

The mini-conference will be free to all members of the IM section – we encourage you to sign up students and friends. Watch for further details about registration through the IM email list.

Plan to attend! We will offer copious food, stimulating conversation and, fog-permitting, gorgeous views of the San Francisco Bay and Golden Gate Bridge as backdrop.


Session 1: Migration Research Challenges and Professional Development [9:30-10:45am]

  1. How to run large team projects (across disciplines, places)
    Phil Kasinitz (CUNY), David Fitzgerald (UCSD), Helen Marrow (Rapporteur)
  2. How to publish a book
    Peggy Levitt (Wellesley), Kate Wahl (Stanford U Press), Ken Haig (Rapporteur)
  3. Successfully employing mixed methods
    Patricia Fernandez-Kelly (Princeton), Monica McDermott (Stanford), Joanna Doran (Rapporteur)
  4. Measuring "integration"
    Richard Alba (CUNY; Albany), Miri Song (Kent, United Kingdom), Catherine S. Bueker (Rapporteur)
  5. Finding, creating & using survey data on immigrants
    Taeku Lee (UCB), Susan Brown (UCI), Mytoan Nguyen (Rapporteur)
  6. Funding -- writing successful grant proposals
    Aixa Citrón-Vélez (Russell Sage Foundation), Katharine Donato (Vanderbilt), Natasha Warikoo (Rapporteur)
  7. How to talk to journalists about immigration
    Dowell Myers (USC), Audrey Singer (Brookings), Maria Medvedeva (Rapporteur)
  8. The job market – tips and advice
    Tomas Jimenez (Stanford), Jody Agius Vallejo (USC), Tomas Jimenez (Rapporteur)
  9. IRB/ Human subjects for migration research
    Rob Smith (CUNY), Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo (USC), Hernan Ramirez (USC), (Rapporteur)

Session 2: Substantive Topics in Migration Research [11:15-12:30pm]

  1. New destinations and local migration politics
    Rubén Hernández-León (UCLA), Sara Curran (U Washington), Helen Marrow (Rapporteur)
  2. Immigrants, collective action & civic/political engagement
    Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo (USC), Lisa Martinez (Denver), Dina Okamoto (UCD), Catherine S. Bueker (Rapporteur)
  3. Culture and immigration
    Michèle Lamont (Harvard), Mario Small (Chicago), Natasha Warikoo (Rapporteur)
  4. Education and immigration
    Min Zhou (UCLA), Vivian Louie (Harvard), Norma Fuentes-Mayorga (Rapporteur)
  5. Religion and immigration
    Peggy Levitt (Wellesley), Wendy Cadge (Brandeis), R. Stephen Warner (UIC), Weishan Huang (Rapporteur)
  6. The 2nd generation and inequality
    Phil Kasinitz (CUNY), Richard Alba (CUNY; Albany), Jennifer Lee (UCI), Jody Agius Vallejo (Rapporteur)
  7. Race, ethnicity and immigration
    Frank Bean (UC Irvine), John Skrentny (UCSD), Wendy Roth (Rapporteur)
  8. Mexican migration
    David Fitzgerald (UCSD), Rob Smith (Baruch-CUNY), Filiz Garip (Rapporteur)
  9. Refugees
    Silvia Pedraza (U Michigan), Steve Gold (Michigan State), Nazli Kibria (Boston U), Richard Smith (Rapporteur)
  10. National migration policy
    Kitty Calavita (UCI), Mae Ngai (Columbia), Joanna Doran (Rapporteur)
  11. Immigrant families
    Nancy Landale (Penn State), Angie Chung (Albany), Maria Medvedeva (Rapporteur)

1:00 pm-2:30 pm - Luncheon Keynote Panel
"(How) Can Social Scientists Affect Future Immigration Policy?"

3:00 pm-4:30 pm - Afternoon Panel
"Comparative Migration and Integration: Empirical and Conceptual Contributions beyond the US."


March 7, 2008: Spotlight on Immigration Conference

The Interdisciplinary Immigration Workshop, the Institute for Research on Labor & Employment, the Health and (Im)migration Graduate Student Workshop, and the Colloquium on Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration are pleased to host a one-day conference, the 2008 Spotlight on Immigration Conference.

Keynote Speaker: Peggy Levitt, Wellesley College

Friday March 7, 2008
Maude Fife Room
315 Wheeler Hall

This conference is free and open to the public.

Questions? Contact:
Shannon Gleeson
Els deGraauw

Conference Agenda:

8:30am Continental breakfast
9:00-9:15am Welcoming remarks, Irene Bloemraad, Assistant Professor of Sociology & faculty director of the Interdisciplinary Immigration Workshop
9:15-10:45am Claims-making, Trust, and Identity: State-Migrant Relations
Shannon Gleeson (UCB Soc/Demog) - "From Rights to Claims: The Role of Civil Society in Making Rights Real for Undocumented Workers"
Rahsaan Maxwell (UCB PolSci) - "Political Trust among British Muslims: Assimilation Not Required"
Cinzia Solari (UCB Soc) - "Between 'Europe' and 'Africa': Ukrainian Migrant Women Build the 'New Ukraine'"
11:00-12:00pm Keynote Speaker: Peggy Levitt, Wellesley College - "Tales from the Field: Reflections on the Challenges of Multi-sited Ethnography"
12:00-1:00pm Lunch
1:00-2:30pm Migrants' Economic Mobility Part I
Edward Flores (USC Soc) - "'I Am Somebody': Victory Outreach, Masculinity and Upward Mobility in Low-Income Latino Neighborhoods"
Renee Reichl and Roger Waldinger (UCLA Soc) - "A Path to Convergence?: Labor market outcomes of Mexican origin workers"
Maria G. Rendon (Harvard Soc/Social Policy) - "Transitioning out of School and Into Young Adulthood: The Role of Neighborhoods on the Educational and Work Outcomes of Mexican-origin Youth"
2:45-3:45pm Migrantsí Economic Mobility Part II
Catherine N. Barry (UCB Demog/Soc) - "Being All They Can Be: U.S. Military Experience and the Earnings of Young Adult Immigrants"
Sang Lee (UCB ESPM) - "Weak Networks and Structures: Modes of Migration Integration into Agricultural Work"
3:45-4:15pm Legislative Update
David Rosenfeld (Labor Attorney Weinberg, Roger & Rosenfeld and BoaltSchool of Law)
Co-Counsel AFL-CIO et al v. Chertoff et al

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Friday April 20, 2007: Understanding the Immigration Protests of Spring 2006: Lessons Learned, Future Trajectories

The Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, the Pew Hispanic Center and the Department of Sociology are pleased to host a one-day conference on Friday April 20, 2007 8:30am-5:30pm at the IRLE (formerly IIR), 2521 Channing Way.

This conference is free and open to the public.

Conference Agenda:

8:30-9am Continental breakfast
9-9:15amWelcoming remarks by Kim Voss, Chair of Sociology and Michael Reich, Director of IRLE
9:15-9:45am Setting the Agenda: "Out of the Shadows, Into the Light: Questions Raised by the Spring of 2006" Roberto Suro, Pew Hispanic Center
10-11:45amPanel 1: Overview and Assessment: What Happened in Spring 2006?
Jonathan Fox (UC Santa Cruz) - "Mapping Mexican Migrant Civil Society"
Irene Bloemraad (UC Berkeley) - "All in the Family: Dual Mobilization in the East Bay"
Nilda Flores-Gonzales and Amalia Pallares (University of Illinois, Chicago) - "Emerging Voices: New Actors in the Chicago Protests"
Lisa Martinez (University of Denver) - "The Politics of Immigration in a Bellwether State: Evidence from Denver"
Discussant: Kim Voss (UC Berkeley)
1:30-3pmPanel 2: Looking Back: Immigrant and Latino Mobilization in the Past
Maria Echaveste (UC Berkeley) - "Putting the Spring Protests in Historic Context"
Ruth Milkman (UC Los Angeles) - "L.A.'s Past, America's Future? The 2006 Immigrant Rights Protests and their Antecedents"
Gary Segura (University of Washington, with Shaun Bowler & Francisco Pedraza) - "The Efficacy and Trust of Juan Q. Public: How the Immigration Marches Reflect Surprising Support for American Institutions of Governance"
Discussant: Robert Mickey (University of Michigan, Robert Wood Johnson Scholar)
3:15-4:45pmPanel 3: Looking Forward: The Future and Meaning of the Protests
Jonathan Simon (UC Berkeley) - "What the May 1st Marchers Meant: Immigration Reform Should Not Be About Crime"
Louis DiSipio (UC Irvine) - "Drawing New Lines in the Sand: An Early Assessment of the Medium-and Long-Term Consequences of the 2006 Immigrant Rights Protests"
Taeku Lee (UC Berkeley), S.Karthick Ramakrishnan (UC Riverside), and Ricardo Ramirez (USC) - "From Pickets to Polls? Bridging Political Behavior and Social Movements Perspectives on the Immigration Protests"
Discussant: Rachel Moran (UC Berkeley, Director of the Institute for the Study of Social Change)

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Friday March 2, 2007: Spotlight on Immigration: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Newcomers and Their Children

The Interdisciplinary Immigration Workshop and the Institute of Industrial Relations were pleased to host a one-day conference on Friday March 2, 2007 9am-3pm, at the UC Berkeley Women's Faculty Club.

This conference was free and open to the public.

Conference Agenda:

9am Continental breakfast
9:15amWelcoming remarks by Michael Reich, Director of the Institute of Industrial Relations & Irene Bloemraad, Assistant Professor of Sociology & faculty director of the Interdisciplinary Immigration Workshop
9:30-11amPanel I: Economic Determinants and Consequences of Immigration
Discussant: Steve Raphael, Professor of Public Policy
Fangfang Yao (Social Welfare) - Measuring China's Rural-to-Urban Migrants' Employment through the Four Building Blocks Approach
Christel Kesler (Sociology) - Varieties of Inequality: Allocation, Distribution, and the Wage Disadvantages of Immigrant Workers
Juan Carlos Suárez & Zénide Avellaneda (Economics) - Juanita's Money Order: Income Effects on Human Capital Investment in Mexico
11:15am Keynote Speech: "Native-Immigrant Boundaries and Ethnic Inequalities in North America and Western Europe"
Richard Alba, Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Public Policy, University at Albany, SUNY
1:30-3pmPanel II: Immigrant Identity and Politics
Discussant: Rachel Moran, Robert D. and Leslie-Kay Raven Professor of Law & Director of the Institute for the Study of Social Change
Keith Hiatt (JSP) - Immigrant Danger? Immigration and Increased Crime in Europe
Ming Chen (JSP) - "A Nation of Immigrants" or a "New Civil Rights Movement?"
Naomi Hsu (Sociology) - Chinese, Taiwanese, and Everything In Between: Towards a Better Understanding of Ethnic Self-Identification among Immigrants and Children of Immigrants from Taiwan

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For further information, please contact:

Shannon Gleeson -

Els de Graauw -

Irene Bloemraad -

Immigration Workshop - Berkeley, CA 94720